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This August, [personal profile] rsadelle and I are finally going to power through that 90's fan favorite: Once a Thief. Both of us purchased the DVD set when it was released, watched a few episodes, and never finished. (I'm sure we got distracted by other, more contemporary things? Possibly this was something I planned on finishing while I was on medical leave but then I just watched all of Futurama and half of Arrow instead. Speaking of: I need to finish Arrow one of these days, too.) Anyway, if you'd like to join us in watching Ivan Sergei be confused, Sandrine Holt by annoyed, and Nick Lea be grumpy, here's a tumblr post with details and a sign-up link.

So far no one has signed up but us buuuuuuuuuuuuut I remain optimistic.

Currently I'm watching Daredevil (the show) because I keep thinking that I want to write Matt/Foggy one of these days (or Matt/Foggy/Karen!), so I need to wrap that up before this OaT extravaganza starts.

Went to see Spiderman: Homecoming yesterday and it was delightful. I remain baffled by how much Tom Holland (still?) looks like Jamie Bell.
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There's only one dude in the whole movie and it's Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman bathes him for like ten minutes and then they kill him? SIGN ME UP. The Beguiled. )

I also went to see Baby Driver with my dad last week. It was fun but not 97% RT score great? SPOILERS. )

I came in to work at 4AM this morning - I got to bed really early, but then woke up around eleven and couldn't fall back asleep, and just laid there watching Midsomer Murders for a while - so I'm really dragging AND there's some fire alarm testing happening so shit keeps beeping, ugh.

There's no Tour de France today so I might just go watch more Midsomer Murders.
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Exciting tales from adulthood: my dad and I went to the new Meijer yesterday and there were some intriguing-looking vegetarian items that I want to try - but it was freakin' 92 degrees here yesterday and he wanted to go to Panera to eat afterward, so neither one of us got anything that couldn't sit in the car for a bit. Then I went home and looked at pictures of pro cyclists hugging each other until it was past my bedtime.

I'm trying to decide if I want to see The Beguiled tonight after work, or go tomorrow morning. I'm leaning towards tomorrow morning since I have to shuffle my sleep schedule enough this weekend that it's not hell when I have to roll into work at 4AM this coming Monday. I think tonight I'm just going to make an Indian curry of some sort with rice, watch some stuff, try to write a bit, and (hopefully) go to bed early.

Writing check-in for July so far: Ehh, got a little bit done but not much. I did downsize my July list to things I felt were most likely to get some words, although the Admirals stories are all larger projects about dudes who are now gone, so I'm :( about that.
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The Mummy wasn't the world's best cinema but it was a fairly decent summer action movie, and deserves better than the TIED RATING on Rotten Tomatoes with the terrible new Transformers movie. (The consensus on RT is that it "lacks the campy fun of the franchise's most recent entries". IT'S NOT THE SAME FRANCHISE!!!) Anyway, spoilers for those who care. )
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The Wilco show I went to was amazing: Not only did I have a great seat just in general, but the two rows in front of me stayed in their seats for everything but the final encore, so when everyone else stood up for the first encore, there was absolutely nothing obstructing my view of the whole stage. Except Jeff blocking my view of Glenn, but I could live with that because they kept smiling at each other and I love them.

This show was the first time I saw most of Wilco. It was supposed to be a Minus 5 show, and I'd gotten into them via REM - it was one of Peter Buck's side projects, and their most recent release was a collaboration with Wilco, so I at least knew who Jeff Tweedy was, but somehow wasn't expecting nearly the entire band to be playing this show. I went with my IRL popslash friend, who was definitely a Wilco fan, and we were both like, "Is that - Jeff Tweedy?", and we were close enough that there was some awkward eye contact. (We went to a a lot of concerts during those years, things I would have never gone to alone, and I will always be grateful for her friendship.) Several months later, she showed me I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, an A+ beautiful documentary about the making of "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot", and that hooked me. I remember wanting to run right out and buy my own copy, but it was Thanksgiving and everything was closed.

Anyway, I hadn't seen Wilco since I did all the Residency shows in 2008, so nearly ten years. I am just Too Tired to deal with General Admission shows that aren't guaranteed to be a very small audience (so like, the last time I saw Empires in Milwaukee where we basically ate pizza the whole time), so my concert attendance the last few years has decreased dramatically. Alas! Now I want pizza.

Going to see The Mummy tonight with Upstairs Lady, since no one else I know wants to see it, and I want to see Russell Crowe get all evil and Sofia Boutella destroy shit. I might take a nap first though, since it's a 7:30 show and I usually put my pajamas on at like five in the afternoon in anticipation of doing nothing until I finally make myself go to bed. (Dear self: Maybe you should be an adult and try going to sleep earlier at night, you might be less of a zombie in the mornings.)

ETA recent fanfictions:
how the heart bends (GenKill, Nate/Brad, NSFW.)
On the Board (Ocean's 11, Danny/Rusty, NSFW.)
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Visit with the dentist didn't go as bad as I was fearing it would - after not having gone for a very long time, I was a little worried I'd need a root canal or something, but I only have two cavities. And I do have to get the wisdom teeth removed eventually but they're cool with waiting until I can get on the better dental plan, as long as I can live with the occasional pain. I did figure out just in time what very basic dental plan I DO have, so the exam and the cleanings I'll be getting in August aren't going to cost me anything out of pocket.

One of my writing goals for 2017 was to try to write some shorter pieces, just to prove to myself that not everything has to be long and complicated, although I do love long and complicated. So far in the last two weeks I've finished three things under 2k! One was the shark story and the other two are the full pieces for [community profile] pornathon assignments, so one of those will go up next week and the other the week after, when voting closes.

Also finished the Texas Killing Fields threesome fic I've been working on since January: the age of the earth (4850 words, NC-17, Brian/Gwen/Mike) (That translates to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Annabeth Gish, and Sam Worthington. It's not a very good movie but it's got a lovely cast - Mike's ex-wife is Jessica Chastain.)

As I have only 8k to go before I make my 2017 word count goal, I wonder if I should up the number. I also need to figure out what to work on for Camp NaNoWriMo - maybe I'll brainstorm while I'm waiting for the Wilco show to start tomorrow night. (There are seats! I don't have to arrive five hours early!)
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Back in Wisconsin and back at work, alas! Although I am leaving early today - to go to the dentist, where I have no insurance because apparently Humana split medical and dental in 2015 and I never got dental coverage somehow? I have no memory of HR/Humana ever telling us this was happening. So I guess I will pay whatever for the exam and then see what happens (and probably sign up for dental during this year's open enrollment). I would just wimp out and cancel but I can't keep putting off finding out whatever's up with my wisdom teeth (b/c I'm pretty sure that's what this issue is).

Monterey Bay Aquarium's live shark cam. Shaaaaaaaaaaaaark caaaaaaaaaam. There is actually a human manning it, because they just talked and I nearly jumped out of my chair.

Filling out my word count check-in for the last week, I wrote about 4500 words, which would be good except I skipped the first June check-in since I didn't write anything at all. But I finally finished the rough draft of the Texas Killing Fields story (it's a totally out of character threesome) while in CA - something like twelve pages longhand that was the entire endgame sex scene. It definitely needs editing and I'll have to re-watch the movie while I do that, so maybe part tonight and part tomorrow night. I got like 0 hours of sleep last night being worried about the dentist so tonight I might just go home and completely crash instead of doing anything at all.
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We're back at [personal profile] rsadelle's house and enjoying the not-doing-much portion of vacation (basically just enjoying not having to go to work). I finished the assignment for the porn-writing challenge I signed up for, although I have to snip out the actual porn to turn in since it ended up much longer than the word count maximum. I also wrote often found over sandy flats, in which Brad Colbert is a shark. This is all the aquarium's fault!

I just checked and apparently I've written GK fic every June for the last three years. Ah, forever fandom. Clearly what happens is: the Admirals' season ends and I go "What should I do now? Ah, GK."

Hopefully tomorrow I can write on the plane, and then just collapse in my bed with the cats when I get home. Wednesday need to go renew my driver's license, and Thursday I go back to work for a partial day before going to the dentist. Then this weekend I'm going to see Wilco, aaaaah! I haven't been to a Wilco show in almost ten years.
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Okay, so I'm never going to remember all the money I spent today, but I'll try: Vacation, Day 2! )
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Hello from California! Ruth and I are in Monterey, for beach-wandering and aquarium-going. We'll be here a few days and then we're road-trippin' back up north. (Well, "north" for California values of north.) I'm going to attempt to keep track of what I spend, just to compare for non-vacation times, and also to remind myself that I can never be a person who eats at restaurants all the time. Yesterday! )

So far on this trip, I need to recreate the tofu burrito and the roasted veggie salad for sure. I would eat that burrito again right now!!
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I lost like three hours of my life last Sunday night reading money diaries at Refinery29 and being like "What? Whaaaaat?" about quite a few of them. Then I figured I would keep track for a week, R29-style - which is a weird mash-up of food diary and money diary - and then you guys could shame me in the comments R29-style!

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Word count check-in for yesterday. Not great, Bob! But not bad or anything, considering I haven't written anything since Saturday. I do sort of want to write an Alien Covenant thing if I can determine whether these characters have official first names or not... searching the novelization has found me one! One.

Authors who write novelizations for movies like these are my heroes because 95% of the time none of the characters have given first names but hey here's a novelization where the character with no given first name has some internal dialogue but their POV is still credited with just the last name anyway! There was some other movie where I was like "I want to write fiiiiiiiic but no one has a naaaaaaaaaaaaame" and the novelization was all last names as well.

I have signed up for Pornathon this summer, which should be good for stretching my nsfw-writing brain muscles, even if it's a no-RPF fest. That should be good for me as well, really. I only have a laundry list a mile long of random movies I want to attempt to write something for.
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Good morning, I cannot believe some sweaty hockey dudes that I've seen play IRL - ten of them, even! - and even spoken to are going to the Stanley Cup Final. Whaaaaaaat. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. If Pontus and Freddy both get to play I might even cry a little.

Fandom5K reveals! I wrote love/be loved/beloved, some Sherlock Holmes (the RDJ movies) threesome. ♥ to my recipient for insisting that it’s actually in character. 5386 words, M for Mature - Sherlock/Mary/John, blindfolds, light bondage, vague Victorian clothing porn.

Started watching American Gods and I feel like it's clear Bryan Fuller looked at Starz and said, "Yesssssss, all the gore and nudity I couldn't actually get away with on Hannibal!". There is legit a dick pic, right there on the screen. I got through the first two episodes yesterday - Orlando Jones' boat speech was just as great as it was promised to be, and Ian McShane is perfect as Mr. Wednesday. I did wonder what they were going to do with Laura Moon to give Emily Browning second billing but apparently she gets at least one entire episode devoted to her. This show is also the perfect vehicle for Peter Stormare, who is the most Czernobog of Czernobogs, and Gillian Anderson has shown up to play Lucille Ball.

Going to see Alien: Covenant tonight with Upstairs Lady so I'll probably never sleep again. I should go read a few reviews so I'm at least somewhat prepared for what I'll be scared by. (The only scary movies I see in theaters are these and I mostly want to see it for the double Fassbender performance.)

Speaking of: The director’s devotion to Fassbender reaches such giddy and perverse heights that we very nearly get, in one delightfully bonkers scene, some cathartic Fassbender-on-Fassbender robot sex. Alas, Scott doesn’t quite submit to this natural temptation. Oh, no wonder one of my tumblr mutuals is 'shipping this.
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me yesterday on the drive to work: oh yes this next different POV section starts like this, perfect, aha now I must get to work and write this down.
me at work: why is my dispatch center full of co-workers? why is it 9am before I can even attempt to think about what I was thinking about before? now I've forgotten what I wanted to write down.

I mostly remembered what I was doing and managed to get the idea down.

Word count check-in for today. This last week I mostly wanted to just add bits to in-progress stuff here and there and get my 007 posted, and I accomplished those things. I really haven't done much as far as other goals for 2017 but I have posted 45k words of fic so far this year, out of my 60k goal.

My fandom5k story seems fairly dead in the water as far as hits but w/e, it's probably not a fandom people really track. My recipient seemed to really like it, so I'm happy about that part! Reveals aren't until Saturday but I will link it then.

me: *googles Bonavista, NL things*
Internet: Are you going on a VACATION?
me: no I just need to know
Internet: For a VACATION!
me: no for fanfictions

Speaking of Newfoundland, there are towns called Heart's Desire, Heart's Delight, and Heart's Content, which I find delightful. (Maybe I will make these Admirals players roadtrip there in this story I'm looking up all this NL stuff for.)
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Minor Reinharts renaissance continues - I looked to see if Max has an Instagram and wound up looking at what people had posted in the #maxreinhart tag, which wasn't much because no one really cares about Sad Unemployed Reinhart, BUT it found me this outrageousness, which then found me this nearly NSFW video in which Sam demonstrates that he's done his hip mobility exercises.

Anyway (I'm getting to the point of this, I swear!), as I'm still pissed off that Eichel gave himself away as a jackass - guess it's hard to keep your opinions to yourself and not alienate your fanbase when you're young, rich, and white - I have a forever-unfinished Jack/Sam/Max that was reeeeeeeeally just an excuse to write Sam and Max making out, so yesterday after watching these ridiculous videos I thought, "Fuck it, I'm just going to write some Sam/Max." AND I DID.

Now I can go edit at least part of the 007 poly story, which I have ignored for like a week now.

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Writing check-in for today. While I didn't get a lot of words written in the last week, I did get a lot of research/note-taking done - two hours this morning spent recreating some 14-15 Adirondack Flames stuff that I actually compiled once before but must have recycled the (full) notebook once I decided I wasn't writing any more NHL fic, because I've gone through my house and I definitely can't find it. (Um, I might have stacks of notebooks in several rooms in my house. I was going to use the desk in my spare bedroom as a distraction-free writing area. Then it got taken over by beading projects, but the notebooks are still there.)

Anyway, with the amount of time I have spent making g-d timelines for this ridiculous story I better freakin' finish it. Maybe wrapping it up will be my July Camp NaNo project.
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Oh man, I was not expecting to get 100% distracted this morning by the lake of Max Reinhart feelings I didn't realize I even still had (it was maybe a pond of feelings that I would occasionally stick my toe in when I'd check his status). I went to YouTube to look for interviews so I could write some more of this total crackfic I decided I needed to exist (where Max turns into a fox, and various other players turn into other animals) and found this and uuuuuugh I was done for. There is no player I miss being on my dumb team more than Max.

Whew. Anyway, I think I managed to finish the rough draft of my Bond poly story while in Door County although even though it feels done I worry it's not actually? But I printed it out to edit by hand probably tomorrow - I slept so badly last night that I'm not going to be able to accomplish anything after work today - and I added bits to a few other things today despite being half asleep and drowning in feelings. Good enough that Wednesday's writing check-in won't be terrible.

ETA: I stayed up way too late reading fic whyyyyyyyyyy self.
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WIPs doc was getting a little hard to wrangle so now I have two WIPs spreadsheets - one for the running list, sorted by media type, and one for all my monthly check-ins. Check-in for April: Not bad? I don't feel like I wrote almost eighteen thousand words. (This is a good thing, it's like training for NaNoWriMo.)

I have tried keeping project lists in the past but failed at updating them past February or so, so just keeping my spreadsheets up to date is a positive for me. My goal for May is to finish the Bond poly story FINALLY, hopefully finish the TKF story (both are at NSFW spots so I will probably go to Panera and work on them there because nothing works better for me when it comes to writing porn than writing it in public), and probably poke at the SFW Admirals things if I need something to do while at work.

So far this year I have posted 34,886 words of fic, so that's 58% of my 2017 goal. I have already posted two more pieces than I did last year in total, but last year was just weird in general due to MBA!Ray being the longest piece of fic I've ever finished.

Door County this weekend, yaaaaaaaaaay! Gonna buy some fancy liquor and read a book.
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Tuesday featured a momentarily terrifying time where I asked the guy who runs the Admirals fansite what someone's nickname was and he didn't know and was like, "I'll ask him for you!" because he was interviewing Jack in like fifteen minutes. No, that's fine, I can make something up for my fanfictions live without this, buuuuuuut he asked it before he even asked Jack any questions about the playoffs (everyone on my dumb team sounded very "eh, w/e" in Tuesday's interviews about playoffs except for Cody Bass, who was the most relentlessly upbeat and also not even playing because he's still recovering from surgery). The answer turned out to be that Jack doesn't actually have a hockey nickname, but our rotating crew of Quebec kids ("the Frenchies") apparently call him various Jack-based things. Fansite Guy keeps trying to make Mr. Minnesota stick and seems endlessly bummed that it hasn't, haha.

Fansite guy might be hanging it up now so clearly now is the time for [personal profile] anniejd11 & me to get serious about the blog we neglected for months and get some press credentials. (Honestly, I think this would be a lot of fun for a month or two, and then we'd find out that some dumb player we previously enjoyed is actually an asshole and be disappointed. And we would probably just be tired from all the staying up late.)

Speaking of Quebec, (also on) Tuesday I lost like half an hour looking up various Quebecois folklore online for a story, but the internet is sadly lacking if you're looking for things other than the flying canoe and/or werewolves.

THEN I WENT TO THE GAME LAST NIGHT and sigh, we lost, in thrilling and sad overtime fashion. Pardy's devastated face was too much for me, you guys. AHL hockey - especially in the playoffs - is so bizarre. Here are some parts that aren't developed enough for the fancy hockey, here are some parts you had to get yourself from college or whatever, here are some broken parts the fancy hockey gave back to you because they're broken, here are some bad parts the fancy hockey just didn't want anymore, and here are some really underdeveloped parts that arrived last-minute from Canada. Oh, and the fancy hockey will probably take away your actual really good parts before you get to the playoffs. Suck it up, Dean!!

At least I will always have the happy memory of Jack hugging Tiny Mouthbreather from behind in an adorable fashion. (Tiny Mouthbreather, a defenseman, scored both of their goals last night.)

Anyway, bombing out of the playoffs (again) aside, that was a pretty fun season and I enjoyed my two-month descent into writing a bunch of weird fic about their dumb faces. I have some unfinished things that I may or may not complete, *shrug* we'll see.
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