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The move has been made to Dreamwidth, where I will not be locking my journal, whaaaaat this feels so strange! So I guess I don't need this imported sticky post like I did on LJ, but it can still serve as an introduction:

Currently excited about as of 01/11/2017: HELP, I NEED A NEW FANDOM. Also still Generation Kill (Brad Colbert/sadness OTP), Hannibal, Tomorrowland, books, Ben Affleck movies, Shia LaBeouf getting an Independent Spirit Awards nomination?, Milwaukee Admirals ("the kids"), Jessica Chastain movies, and possibly various Star Wars things if I ever stop feeling like it's too big a fandom to even bother with.

I have a huge list of works I want to power through in 2017, so if you'd like to talk about any of these things in addition to the ones above, come on over: Inside Llewyn Davis, Begin Again, Daniel Craig Bond movies, salem's Lot, Texas Killing Fields, Terminator Genisys, the Branagh Wallander series, Good Will Hunting, DCEU, Gotham, The Killing, Matt Damon/Ben Affleck (always and forever) and The Nice Guys

Formerly excited about as of 01/11/2017: NHL hockey. If you're here for any of those reasons please know that posts about those things will be rare, if not ever occurring again. Sorry, Mike Richards!

This is me at AO3, in case you were trying to match writer with journal.
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Surprise Sephora order: This skincare collection, which seems nice trying it out but I'm not sure I would have ordered it in my right mind. I do like the lip butter. This coconut cleansing water/milk, very nice, would likely order again especially if it came in a larger size (only comes in a travel size right now). Sephora also does a coconut water makeup remover wipe that I like but sometimes the wipe feels a little rough on my stupid overly sensitive skin, and the cleansing milk does the same thing without that roughness.

Also got this Marc Jacobs highlighter that I am so far unsure about. But! I am going to a contouring/highlighting class with A. this Sunday at the semi-local Sephora so hopefully I will figure it out. I mixed a tiny drop into my foundation this morning and my foundation doesn't look any different BUT I probably didn't use enough to make a difference. And finally, this eye cream which I have NO idea why I ordered but after two uses I'm digging it. (I guess I am almost 36 and should probably use an eye cream. I GUESS.)

Email in the police inbox: Hello, I'm not sure of the laws involving bake sales or the permits this group might have but I don't see how raising the price for men is at all okay just because their men. That's flat out the definition of sexist. Please let me know how/if this is okay.

The bake sale in question is charging women 75 cents an item and men $1 specifically to highlight the gender wage gap. This person emailing... wtaf. Also this is not a police matter. Sometimes I just shake my head at the number of things I have to tell people "that's not a police matter".

Also today at P-side - email went out saying former wrestling coach had died (he was hit by a car last week, very sad, a really nice guy). Three hours later, another email: not dead. I know it's morbid humor but it's so P-side. The only way it could have been more P-side is if they'd retracted it by using the actual "so-and-so would like to recall this email" thing.

ETA: It got more even P-side - the incorrect email and the retraction were both scrubbed from everyone's inboxes, LOL.
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I went to work today! I am here! In my chair! I did twelve days' worth of deposits! But now I am exhausted. KB (who also had the plague) says it's more likely the flu than an actual cold, just without the grosser flu symptoms, which makes sense for how I basically didn't get out of bed for a week.

I have not written anything since the couple hundred words I managed before my panic attack adventure two Saturdays ago, and this makes me :( - but I also can barely focus enough to read, uuuuuuuuugh. I want to do things! Seriously though, this needs to end because I need to write at least SOME of my fandom5k story before the mandatory check-in at the beginning of April. (I also, um, sort of want to write two of the prompts? Because I have lost my mind.)

While ill last week I ordered from Sephora because it was double cash back from ebates and I only remember two of the things I ordered so it will be a surprise!!!!! When I open the box tonight it will be like presents. That I paid for.

Here are a couple pictures of kitties being good adopted babies. Goopy hardly left my side this last week.
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After feeling like garbage on Sunday and Monday, which I attributed to Saturday's ER adventure, I woke up definitely sick on Tuesday. Thursday I tried to go to work only for MCW to tell me to go home after two hours, but at least I could detour to the Walgreen's and stock up - I really don't get sick enough to require taking something all that often, so all the meds I had at home were several years expired. I do wish all the NyQuil-style stuff worked on me, though - knock me out so I can sleep, damn it!

It's bad enough that I dragged out the humidifier at 2am this morning, and I completely forgot to cheat at my 750 words yesterday so there goes my streak. :( I wish I could say I have accomplished something being at home the last several days but the most I've done is watch one of Amazon's new pilots, Oasis - with Richard Madden from GoT (it's very Solaris meets Earth 2 maybe? I would watch more), and Doctor Strange, which for all the hoopla about special effects looked suuuuuper crappy on my tiny bedroom television.
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Word counts check-in for the 10th. Got a decent amount of work done on the Bond poly story, plus the Ads fic snippets. (I did want to write some shorter things this year!) I'm guessing the Bond story will clock in around 10k/11k total. I added a tiny bit to it on Saturday, before having what was apparently a panic attack so bad that I didn't know what the hell was wrong with me. I managed to drive home, but then had my dad take me to the ER when I got home and tried to relax and the "what the fuck is wrong with me" feeling still didn't stop. I've only felt like that once before and that lasted twenty minutes, this lasted 2+ hours.

While talking with my dad while we were waiting for one of the dozen tests they had to run to rule out actual heart problems (I had a congenital heart defect when I was born that was repaired with surgery so I really wanted to be sure this wasn't a heart issue), he was like, "I've had panic attacks for years. And so has your aunt, and your grandfather did. Once I had one at work so bad I stayed in the bathroom all day." Thanks for telling me before now! Why is my family so bad with that? My mom didn't tell me about the heart surgery until I was thirty.

I still don't feel like myself but I also haven't slept well since, probably since I'm now anxious that it's going to happen again. Goal for this week: chill.

It is Snowpocalypsing here, and although it's lessened since when I drove to work, the winter weather advisory goes until tomorrow afternoon since we're supposed to get dumped on again tonight. And all I have to eat at my house is eggs and non-perishable stuff like noodles. Maybe I can make it to the grocery store before the snow really starts up again.
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Continuing to make dubious choices writing about dudes I occasionally do have to speak to, (something we could) no longer contain. (Because I can't write hockey fic that doesn't use Hip lyrics for titles: It was handsome at the auction, oh, but when we got it home, it grew up into something we could no longer contain...)

It's all right, I already couldn't look Team Dad in the face without turning beet red.

(Note: I am going to cry a lot when Gord Downie dies. Yesterday I read this and nearly cried.)

Co-working this morning, going out the door and down the sidewalk: "Snow? SNOW? SNOW??????"

My dad last night was again excited to watch hockey together, so I stayed for the first period of Bruins vs. Red Wings. Despite paying minimal attention to the NHL this year I can still have a complete conversation about it, and I remember seeing some of the baby Red Wings last year playing for the Griffins.

Dr Elly Cat Doctor PhD remains my favorite cat doctor.

Oops, I have not been keeping up: Fic stats for Tuesday, Wednesday. I'm still on a streak, although yesterday half my work was editing on the supernatural novel because my brain was just like "no, I'm done, we had to be sociable for a large portion of the day, please leave me to watch this NOVA episode in peace" but I still needed to get 300 words in somewhere. Whatevs, revising what's done of the old beginning is on my to-do list for this month anyway.

Tonight I definitely need to continue the canon review for my F5k assignment. I'm pretty sure of what I want to do, structure-wise, so I just need to sit down and work on it (and not be afraid of writing in a new fandom, really), and not watch Unsolved Mysteries for three hours.
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Perfume counter meet & greet was basically this -

Players: :-D Hi!
Us: :-D Hi!
Players: :-D
Us: :-D Is this a weird place for an autograph signing?
Players: Yup! :-D
Us: :-D
Players: :-D

So much :-D, my face hurt. Don't look at me, Adam Pardy, I can't deal with your face. Which I then went home and wrote fic about because I remain committed to this "fourth wall? ha ha what fourth wall?" train I'm on. Every year I'm like, "I'm not gonna get attached this year!! I will love no one!! I am an island!!" and inevitably I fail. And we haven't even done Celebrity Serve yet.

Anyway. Fic stats for yesterday tell me the weird vampire porn snippet I wrote was concerned about money. It is not concerned about money, although I would read the fic where players buy each other things in return for various favors (no one will write this so I will just think about it). And now I need to go back to working on the Bond poly story because I would really like to have the rough draft of it done this week before I start digging into my exchange assignment.


Mar. 6th, 2017 07:09 am
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Let's be real here for a sec: It is possibly easier to write 007 fic when you're having a martini along with writing.

Rewatching Chicago on Saturday, I felt incredibly nostalgic for that 2002-2004 period where I really loved Catherine Zeta-Jones. SIGH. I really don't think any other actress today would get up to actually perform at the Oscars while eight months pregnant. And I still love that movie as much as I did when I first saw it in the theater (eesh, it's been almost fifteen years) - Hollywood, you might actually want to look at it now and realize it's 1) a cast made up predominantly of women, and 2) several of the roles are POC.

Tales from work:
KB: Molly would you proofread my report
Me: sure
KB: nooooo this is too much highlighter
Me: you spelled rifle with two fs
Me: more than once

Going to some ridiculous Admirals event tonight at a Boston Store (no, I don't get why it's at a Boston Store either) which I shall use as an excuse to shop and then eat dinner at Naf Naf Grill for the second day in a row. It's also that time of year again when I write terrible NSFW fic about my team; this time I posted it from the game on Saturday just to be Extra. don't count me out, better count me in (Gaudreau/Army). I like how one comment on it is someone saying they can't read it because they love Freddy, and another comment is just someone yelling about Army.

Well. I suppose I will shop tonight if my hip stops hurting. I'm going to be so mad if I have to buy a new mattress after only having this one for two years. It's not two-sided so I can't flip it and there's a Molly-sized dip in the middle that I just cannot handle. UGH MATTRESSES WHY.
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I have two Google alerts left for (former) hockey players (Mike Richards and Ryan Whitney, of course), and when this article showed up in the Whits one I thought, oh, it is probably just some old picture of Whits on some Edmonton opinion piece about Taylor Hall. No, it is Whits and Hallsy on a podcast and Ryan Whitney actually says words that are "It’s kind of like why I really fell in love with Hallsy" and please just leave me here on the floor. (I haven't listened to the actual podcast yet but I really don't need to get sucked back in to some sort of Ryan Whitney spiral.)

While at my dad's on Wednesday night he was like, "There's a Blackhawks game on tonight! Do you want to watch some of it with me?" and while I really didn't want to look at the Blackhawks at all, he was so excited about watching some hockey together that I stayed for the first period (v. the Penguins) so that I could secretly cheer for Justin Schultz. I did have to explain the whole P. Kane thing. :-( Also my dad for some reason was all up on the Patrick Eaves trade...?

While watching we were discussing political things and I ended up having to read my dad some crap on Timothy McVeigh because for some reason he thought the bomb did too much damage to be a bomb a dude could drive in with a truck. Nah, Dad, it was seven thousand tons of fertilizer, it's gonna really fuck shit up.

During the intermission before I left, he turned on NHL Tonight and they were talking about the Kings picking up Iginla to play with Kopitar. I might have sobbed, "I remember when they got Mike Richards to play with Kopitar!!" and basically fled out into the snowstorm.

P-side yesterday:
Risk management guy: I guess I'll go mingle with the public for an hour.
Me: But WHY?!!?

Fic stats for Wednesday, yesterday. YAY NEW BADGES. Yesterday I wrote about 500 words of something that might be part of my fic exchange story, but also might remain practice. I need to watch a bunch of movies before I really get moving on it.
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Monday's words were just me re-writing some of the TFA story, so I'm not really counting them. Tuesday's stats (all TFA story). February's complete stats. Doing the actual math for words written, I wrote 20,053 words in February!

Disappearing from the in-progress list for March is the sad Chuckie/Morgan story that was really just a reactionary bit to MbtS, so it can go live in the unfinished folder, along with the one GenKill story where I never could figure out what the point was. Everything else remains for now - I signed up for the 750words March challenge so I'll probably continue adding bits to everything again, plus I signed up for a fic exchange so that's 5k I have to write right there. March goals: edit/post the random Admirals porn, finish Bond poly and TKF stories, write exchange assignment, do some work on the novel I haven't looked at since 2014.

tumblr. )

I'm loathe to jinx myself and say this - but I think it might be nearing the time to replace my trusty living room laptop, which now that I think about it is probably six or seven years old. I need something with a CD drive, because I still load music from CDs into iTunes. Which seems to be a disappearing thing judging from the nine million Chromebook options compared to a laptop that actually has a CD drive in it? (Why am I going to buy an album for $12 from the iTunes store when I can buy it used on CD for $3?)
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Fic stats: Saturday (???) and Sunday. (Yesterday: "concerned with money". Me: "but I wrote almost all of a NSFW scene yesterday, ummm...".)

Cat: hooman you pet
Me: *touches cat*
Cat: *outraged chirp*
Me: you asked for it!

I came in to work this morning and MCW very animatedly recapped the Best Picture fuck up and even though I slept like shit last night and felt horrible, my skin is now clear and my crops are flourishing. (Confession: I haven't seen either yet but I was maxed out on crying at movies by the time Moonlight was anywhere near me and maxed out on Hollywood's love of Hollywood when LLL got here.) I don't know what's greater in this picture, Matt Damon's face or Meryl Streep's face? Actually, I think The Rock's face wins.

Still hoping Casey's terrible hair/beard is for the Lewis & Clark thing; IMDb now says 2018. Also hoping they make Meriwether Lewis have all sorts of unrequited love for William Clark. Do it, HBO!!

Where does a person find kinkmemes and ficathons? I would be interested in these things but have no idea where to look (now that LiveJournal no longer functions that way for fandom).
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Fic stats for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 'Self-expressive', that's new.

Very slowly nudging projects towards their randomly-decided monthly word count goals: This is going okay. I do have to actually write 750+/day until next Friday at least, so that I can first) beat my previous streak of 25 days, second) win the February challenge, and third) get the badge for writing 30 days in a row. I might bring the college professors + the supernatural novel into play for March and spend some words rewriting what I have of it. The weird Mars novel I've been randomly adding twenty words to here and there this month has no sort of plot yet but I did put a posterboard for planning up on my hallway wall.

I'm enjoying a day where I have no essential reason to leave my house - I have done a little cleaning, a little laundry, some writing, a little reading, and some snacking so far. I also put up the Mercer Mayer print I got from Etsy a few weeks ago. Goopy is currently camped out on my bed, annoyed that I will not join him, but the blankets are all in the dryer. Meanwhile, Eyeless is next to me on the sofa in Weekend Mode - sometimes during the week I hardly see her but then on the weekends she likes to snuggle.

Condo association sent a letter saying we all have to pay $300 for some work on our thirty year-old buildings. I know that's not bad compared to some other assessments I've heard other complexes getting nailed with, but ugh it's still $300. On the other hand, my balance with the electric company was so far in the positive that I didn't have a bill for two months so I guess that evens things a little. (I'm on the budget plan where you pay the same thing for six months and then it's recalculated. Alas, winter electricity has now caught up with me so it's going up $25 for the next round but if this summer is like last summer it will then drop again.)

Ah, Goopy has appeared to yell at me. Sorry buddy, the blankets aren't dry yet!
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Discussion with Goopy-cat yesterday morning:

me: I know the alarm is going off but it will shut up in one minute and I am just going to stay here for a tiny bit longer
Goopy: *touches my shoulder* hooman your alarm
me: I know
Goopy: hooman are you okay
me: ssssh, the bed is nice and warm
Goopy: *puts paw on face so I will turn over* hooman you must go to work

Then I turned over and hugged him so he was happy before I got up - usually I am always getting yelled at to come back to bed so him being concerned that I wasn't getting up was extra cute.

Here are some of my terrible AHL children eating frozen custard. (The nice ones, not the actual terrible ones who are all UFA after this season so I am hoping they will leave and never return.)

Fic stats for Monday and fic stats for yesterday: Yesterday really doesn't count since it was 90% editing what I did on Monday (remember when I said if I was writing Ads fic this season it would be about Freddy? it's that, but it may remain unfinished forever, we'll see).

Word counts check-in for the last week: Pretty good. I have written way more of the Wallander story than I told myself I needed to - there's a "goals" column that's not in the picture where I just guessed at the word counts I could get all my projects to by the end of February and my goal for that fic was only to write a 100-word beginning - and it's not at all the sort of story I started out wanting to do when I added it to my "write someday!" list (in 2012 [?!?!] when I wrote the other Wallander story), so I need to do some re-planning. (I have said this about four times now, this weekend I definitely have to sit down with the show and decide for real where this story fits in.)

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Fic stats: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I've gotten a lot more work done on the Wallander story than I expected to this month - my randomly decided unofficial word count goal for the MONTH for it was only 100 words because it is the least-planned of all my works in progress, but it is at 1300 already. It has also gone completely off the board and only about twenty of those words have anything to do with my original idea. I am very much a Planner, not a Pantser, but this story never even reached the planning stage before I was like "I NEED WORDS THIS MONTH SO I WILL WRITE SOME". I suppose nothing about writing this month has made any sense at all. (I think this is what NaNoWriMo actually advocates - a million words of letting your novel do whatever it wants!)

Speaking of novels, I just ordered some posterboard from the local Office Depot so I can make a giant timeline/outline for my weird Mars novel. (I ran out of wrapping paper that I wanted to sacrifice.) No one comes to my house anyway, so why shouldn't I cover the long hallway wall in novel notes?

Took my dad to his first Admirals game yesterday for his 65th birthday. Here we are looking like real fans in our Ads gear. They won in overtime and I'm still not sure how they managed to keep up with the Checkers other than Freddy Gaudreau just being magic lately. (Were I writing Ads fic this season, it would be about Freddy and also maybe someone would run Ribeiro over with a zamboni.)
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I'm cracking up at Wednesday's fic stats: Equally happy and upset. Concerned with food but also with death. And religion. I didn't even work on the 'salem's Lot story!

Yesterday's stats are making me laugh even harder - I wrote about 50 words of Barry Allen telling Bruce Wayne to go to bed, some Brad and Ray talking about a lizard Ray used to own in the Pacific Rim AU, Brad making not-fun of Ray's burned face in a different GK story, Finn offering to help with droid maintenance, and Hannibal and Will talking about chickens (they are sort of obliquely discussing whether or not to remove from this earth the lizard that Will sees running around, so I guess it's sort of death-related? And why did I write so much about lizards yesterday?).

Speaking of food AND NOT LIZARDS, new snacks at the Ads arena: "Saz’s will offer beef brisket and barbecue pork sandwiches as well as a smoked honey turkey wrap. Side dishes will be cheese curds, mozzarella marinara sticks, sour cream and chive fries and a combo plate of all three sides." Meat sandwiches whatever, SOUR CREAM AND CHIVE FRIES FOREVER.

Still can't get my hair to Swinton appropriately but I am also not putting much effort into it. I think it would require more product than I want to deal with and probably finding my blow dryer. (I know I owned one a few years ago but rarely used it. Where is it? I don't know.)

Apparently The Great Wall is a trainwreck. I am not surprised. Upstairs Lady and I are hopefully going to see John Wick Ch. 2 this weekend - it's only taken us since last June to make movie plans. We were going to see the Bourne movie (for my birthday) but then I was so overwhelmingly upset about it that we did not. She said she'd go see the new Alien movie with me in May, though, so I won't be watching Fassbender be a cyborg alone and terrified.

This morning in my Nate Fick alert was this video from last April. I just... I could never meet real Nate in person because I would shake so hard I couldn't walk and it would be horribly embarrassing. (Also why I was so glad I didn't win the Matt+Ben Omaze thing. Someone would have had to carry me into the restaurant from the car, or else call an ambulance when I tripped over the curb. "I gave $500 to charity that I can't even deduct from my taxes and all I got was a trip to the hospital." [Note: I did not give them $500.])
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Yesterday's fic stats, surprisingly more concerned with religion than I noticed while adding to the 'salem's Lot story.

Mike Richards lives!, because Hockey Day in Canada is in Kenora this year. I hope he's actually playing in the alumni game because that would just be sad that he didn't get invited to the rec center on the street that's named after him.

I wrote a thousand words before 10:30 this morning, but I also got to work at 5. (There was a point where I went to K's office and said very dramatically, "K, it's only ten o'clock in the morning.") Tomorrow we're making tacos for K's birthday so that will break up the day a little more but twelve hour shifts are not my favorite thing. Except for how I have time to write 1k before noon. I can live with that.

Today in things making me teary-eyed and that there should be movies about: Ida Lewis and Kate Walker, both lighthouse keepers. (Um, I might be researching lighthouse-keeping for the Hannibal story I am halfheartedly working on.)

3rd shift is back March 1st!!!!!!!! I immediately put in a time off request for the first two days of Spring Break. STAYCATION FOR MEEBS.
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Second word-count check in for February! The Texas Killing Fields story dropped majorly in number because I'm re-writing what I have to be from JDM's character's point of view and I'm not caught up yet. But according to, I have written eleven thousand words so far this month (some of those were planning notes, though). Not bad at all.

Yesterday's stats - I think the bit I wrote of the original project influenced things heavily; the characters in one section are talking about death and the characters in another section are unearthing a skeleton.

There's a Gotham prequel tie-in novel that I picked up in the Kindle edition hoping it would have the Alfred backstory I need to write this platonic name-on-wrist story, and it does! However, it apparently got completely jossed by the third season of the show (according to the internet), so all the Pinewood stuff it talks about is no longer correct. The writing is also TERRIBLE. But that's fine, because I only needed to be able to search it to look for Alfred details. Still have to re-watch the first season of the show before I go much further in the story, but there was enough in the book to allow me to write the beginning. \o/

My new 'salem's Lot story has gotten very weird very fast. #onbrand
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Saturday's fic stats, again appropriate for what I worked on (the lead-up to a sex scene in one of the Bond stories). Yesterday I was less motivated since the whole day was just a countdown to when I could go back to bed to begin my crazy week, so part of my count for yesterday was Wallander notes: Sunday's stats.

I watched Inferno yesterday, which was no less ridiculous as the other Langdon movies, but sadly it lacked the odd sweetness that The DaVinci Code has, and the outrageousness of Angels & Demons (which IMO remains the most completely whack of the books/movies, plot-wise, and nothing in this one even came close to the unhinged performances of Paul Bettany or Ewan McGregor.) Also, the ending's changed from the book from something unexpected to something that the filmmakers probably figured works better for movie audiences, but the ending of the book was probably the best part of a doorstop that otherwise read like Dan Brown's Tour of Italy. WHY HOLLYWOOD WHY. Also, what blackmail does Ron Howard have on Tom Hanks to convince him to keep starring in these?

BAFTAs: Aaaaaaah, Dev Patel! \o/

Now I am at work! I have 13 hours of overtime this week and I'm sure by the end of Friday I'll be ready to roll into bed and not move for like a day. Cha-ching! Just kidding, I am already ready to roll into bed and I have eight more hours to go. (I do have 177/750 words in so far, at least.)
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Fic stats for yesterday, which are also to be expected, and I'm also always so tickled by how on point they are. (The anxious slice of the "feeling" pie is Ben in the bit of Matt/Ben I added to.) I'm also delighted that I've somehow tricked my brain into working on things in this manner - two years ago for NaNoWriMo my actual goal was to continually switch between projects but I couldn't get my brain to do it.

A. and I went to Milwaukee's version of Comic-Con today and even though she was starting to get a cold (so I hope I will also not get a cold but I'm pounding zinc and oregano oil), we had a good time. It was much better than I was expecting - the list of exhibitors/sellers didn't look very long or exciting on the website - and there was more "fandom"-type merch than I was expecting. I was a little sad I'm not really into Marvel because there was some really neat Agent Carter and Captain America artwork, and a very beautiful sort of abstract Winter Soldier print. I did buy a travel ad-style "visit the outer planets" print and some fridge magnets. (Hot Fuzz, The X-Files, Silence of the Lambs, a "Planet Express" logo from Futurama, and some tiny Force Awakens characters made from what looks like the Jibbits "charms" that pop into Crocs.)

Then we went to the Ads game but they have inherited the Terrible Human Being from the Predators, ugh, and then people cheered for Tr*mp during an intermission ceremony where new Air Force recruits were sworn in so I was d-o-n-e with conservative white Wisconsin and we left halfway through the second period.

Now I must go to bed so I can get up early enough that I'll be tired by 6pm... so I can be at work at 4am on Monday. 3rd shift is still out. :(
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