Jan. 4th, 2017

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Happy 2017, friends! My plan for this year is to live like this Chris Pine gif:

The fact that I lost my mind for Yuletide has been well-documented here already, but here's what I actually wrote!

Friday Night Bracing for Monday, Good Will Hunting, Will/Chuckie getting together domestic fluffiness.

And what should have been just as long but I was running out of time to re-watch the series as I wrote it: make haste from Babylon, The Killing, Sarah+Stephen soulbond covering the first four episodes of the show. We'll just call it part one of a series I need to revisit this year.

Not Yuletide: In an attempt to start 2017 out on the right foot, I finally finished up a short sequel to the Generation Kill VP AU from 2010: make this place beautiful, four scenes where Nate and Brad discuss obtaining a child and one where a child has been obtained.

My non-writing goals for 2017 are to drink more water, treat my skin nicer, and read more books than I did last year. On the writing front, I would like to write in at least five different fandoms and post at least 50k of fic. I have a list of works in progress and I want to power through as many of them as possible, as some of them have been on this list for several years now.


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