Jan. 7th, 2017

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Looks like my LJ import was successful - after failing the first time because I couldn't remember what I changed my LJ password to last week. So many passwords! I know it's not safe to be that Old Person who carries a notebook with their passwords but I have SO MANY with so many character rules that I'm tempted to do it anyway.

Response to the GK acquire-a-child fic has been lovely - it's not a very busy fandom these days but it's definitely now my second longest-running fandom after DamonAffleck things (I just group those together into one lump fandom). I guess if you'd told me when I first read One Bullet Away ten years ago that I'd be writing fic about the author for years I... would've probably side-eyed you first but then sighed and accepted my fate, haha.

SPEAKING OF FATE: I'm currently doing a project where I brainstorm everything on my to-write list for this year, so that I'm forced to spend at least a little time figuring out what's left to write of the works in progress, or what's actually going to happen in the stuff I only have opening lines/paragraphs for, etc. And the Gotham thing I want to write is SO "fate vs. free will", even more than my usual fate vs. free will stories. Also there are five soulbond/soulmark stories on my list (so far). Peak me, I guess.


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