Jan. 9th, 2017

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I am trying not to read twitter this morning because I just can't deal with people being angry re: Casey Affleck but I am so conditioned to open twitter in the morning and backread that I keep trying to switch to the tab and then remembering I haven't opened it. Also, I'm going to hope that terrible hair/beard thing he's got going on is for the Lewis & Clark miniseries and not a retread of I'm Not Here.

Other Globes things: Kerry Washington in this dress, I cannot.

Works in progress update: "I should finish this Adjustment Bureau AU some day," I keep thinking. This AU that I started working on in 2011 and would have to re-write large parts of to catch that writing up to what my standards are today. At what point do I decide to let this story go? Realistically, am I going to finish it? Probably not.

In other news: My dad has retired from the barber shop after 45 years of cutting hair! It really has not been the same place for him since my uncle died but he's not 65 until this year. He thinks he's going to learn how to cook. We'll see.


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