Jan. 13th, 2017

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About an hour after I got to work this morning I realized everything from my collarbones to the base of my skull had seized up and was sore, for no reason that I could tell. Usually if I sleep funny I can feel it right away and the hot shower gets rid of most of it, but since this didn't start until a couple hours after I got up - who knows? A few Advil have at least dulled the pain.

WIPs update: The Adjustment Bureau AU has officially been set aside for now and I'm working on finishing up the Begin Again polyamory story I started when the movie came out, then ran out of steam on when it left theaters and I couldn't go see it twice a week (and got distracted by other stuff). Except I forgot the end of this is a goodbye scene and I'm already emotional from all the Joe Biden posts on tumblr and I'm going to make myself cry, shit.

Additional note: For the 97th time, I have forgotten in which notebook I wrote the fake song lyrics that are supposed to end this story. (It is legitimately terrible how many times I have forgotten where that notebook is, which I guess is what I get for never adding it to GDocs in the three years I've been writing this.)

Anyway, I should probably be posting it sometime this weekend or Monday (yay, three-day weekend!).

Milwaukee - or rather Nashville - just traded one of the French Fries so I am :( about that. It looks like they got Cody MacLeod for Felix (noooooo Felix was great why would you take him awaaaaaaaay) but why are they trading a 22 year-old for a 32 year-old? IF YOU WANTED A 32 YEAR-OLD WE COULD HAVE HAD MIKE RICHARDS!!!!!
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Well, I was looking forward to going to the game tonight, but I cannot turn my head far enough to look over my shoulder, which would probably make merging onto the freeway and stuff difficult. BOO. This isn't as bad as the stiff neck I had on my birthday but still yuck. I suppose once an occasional bad stiff necks are better than the rare horrific migraine I would get before surgery.

I wish I had some potato chips to eat with the hummus I made yesterday.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, the movie: some parts of it. )


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