Jan. 15th, 2017

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Edited & posted the Begin Again polyamory story: a very good year. I'm doing my best not to have any sort of hopes for it since it's a tiny fandom but I must admit it stings just a little to see 15 hits and 0 kudos.

Anyway, I'm rewatching the Craig 007 movies while I sort out what happens in this soulmates story, and I still think Quantum of Solace doesn't get the respect it deserves. It's very clearly Bond seeking revenge for Vesper and really, Greene's villain plot is a LOT less terrible than things other earlier Bond movies did. Maybe part of the problem is the time between when Casino Royale came out and when QoS came out, not to mention that ANY follow-up would have been hard pressed to live up to Casino Royale. But I am also one of those people who thinks that Spectre is better than the reviews suggest. (And again, suffers from having to follow Skyfall.)

I made a proper Vesper martini tonight with the lemon peel, which I usually leave out, and I must admit it's better with it.

Trying to decide if I should see Live by Night tomorrow - thoughts, friends? I must admit it is not my sort of movie at all, even if I do feel bad that it's tanking. I still also need to see Jackie and Silence, even though I'm sure I'll cry through half of Silence, and let's face it - probably through parts of Jackie.

Hidden Figures was wonderful. I must admit, I have cried at so many movies and trailers in the last month that I'm a little tired at how easily I cry at things lately. I got super choked up explaining Manchester by the Sea to J. & J. yesterday, and earlier today I cried at a beautiful set of fan-painted Hidden Figures watercolors on tumblr.

I've also been reading Matt/Foggy Daredevil fic, so I should probably watch the show one of these days...


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