Jan. 27th, 2017

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The downside to my twitter hiatus is that I had no place to dump all my thoughts about tonight's Admirals game and ended up DMing one of my Kings friends to yell "Linden Vey and Matt Frattin are on the same Heat line!". That line later included Brandon Bollig, who must have gotten demoted somewhere along the way after I stopped paying attention. Those three plus former Admiral Jamie Devane, and some kids whose names I remembered from various WJC things meant there were actually a number of players I recognized on the Heat - as opposed to my own team, which has less than half the same lineup as last year and some dudes so new I'd never seen them before. Anyway, Jamie Devane had some anger issues happening tonight and at one point he grabbed Mike Liambas by the front of his jersey with both hands and just skated him around for a while. I didn't stay for the third period but there were already two fights and they were both less fighting and more ice dancing plus some groping.

Got my hair cut super short this morning - I will post a picture once I figure out how to style it, haha. I haven't had a haircut this short in (*looks at calendar*) twenty years and the stylists at ULTA always straighten it when I get it cut; I'm not sure if it's how they're taught now to make sure all the lengths are correct or what, but the stylist was like, "You mean you don't straighten it?" when I made a joke about how it wouldn't look like that again, and O_O'ed when I said I rarely bother.

I brought my new project notebook into bed with me so I could copy down my wip list but I didn't bring a pen and now the cats are asleep on top of the notebook, so. Oh well.


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