Feb. 2nd, 2017

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me: oh no I have to work 90000000 hours when will I find time to write my 750 words a day?
also me: *writes a 2,000 word story in two days*

This is the 'salem's Lot thing I started yesterday, and while I like writing long and involved stories, sometimes I wonder if I lost the ability to write something that doesn't end up long and involved (unintentionally!) along the way. (I did still have to research gas stations in the 70's, air conditioning in the 70's, the Citroën, and make at least an attempt at a Stephen King pastiche.) It needs a punctuation edit so I haven't posted it yet, but probably tonight/tomorrow.

I'm not sure writing this has really scratched my itch for 'salem's Lot fic but *cough* do I really need to be the person who writes actual Ben/Mark? (This one is barely any more Ben/Mark than King himself gets - there's a lot of crying, hugging, and declaring of love in the book.) (Perhaps I should note that Mark turns thirteen during the year he and Ben are away from the town although I would probably skip ahead at least a few years.) The answer to this question is probably: yes, yes I do need to be that person. There's still that nacho bar in hell, right?


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