Feb. 13th, 2017

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Saturday's fic stats, again appropriate for what I worked on (the lead-up to a sex scene in one of the Bond stories). Yesterday I was less motivated since the whole day was just a countdown to when I could go back to bed to begin my crazy week, so part of my count for yesterday was Wallander notes: Sunday's stats.

I watched Inferno yesterday, which was no less ridiculous as the other Langdon movies, but sadly it lacked the odd sweetness that The DaVinci Code has, and the outrageousness of Angels & Demons (which IMO remains the most completely whack of the books/movies, plot-wise, and nothing in this one even came close to the unhinged performances of Paul Bettany or Ewan McGregor.) Also, the ending's changed from the book from something unexpected to something that the filmmakers probably figured works better for movie audiences, but the ending of the book was probably the best part of a doorstop that otherwise read like Dan Brown's Tour of Italy. WHY HOLLYWOOD WHY. Also, what blackmail does Ron Howard have on Tom Hanks to convince him to keep starring in these?

BAFTAs: Aaaaaaah, Dev Patel! \o/

Now I am at work! I have 13 hours of overtime this week and I'm sure by the end of Friday I'll be ready to roll into bed and not move for like a day. Cha-ching! Just kidding, I am already ready to roll into bed and I have eight more hours to go. (I do have 177/750 words in so far, at least.)


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