Feb. 20th, 2017

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Fic stats: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I've gotten a lot more work done on the Wallander story than I expected to this month - my randomly decided unofficial word count goal for the MONTH for it was only 100 words because it is the least-planned of all my works in progress, but it is at 1300 already. It has also gone completely off the board and only about twenty of those words have anything to do with my original idea. I am very much a Planner, not a Pantser, but this story never even reached the planning stage before I was like "I NEED WORDS THIS MONTH SO I WILL WRITE SOME". I suppose nothing about writing this month has made any sense at all. (I think this is what NaNoWriMo actually advocates - a million words of letting your novel do whatever it wants!)

Speaking of novels, I just ordered some posterboard from the local Office Depot so I can make a giant timeline/outline for my weird Mars novel. (I ran out of wrapping paper that I wanted to sacrifice.) No one comes to my house anyway, so why shouldn't I cover the long hallway wall in novel notes?

Took my dad to his first Admirals game yesterday for his 65th birthday. Here we are looking like real fans in our Ads gear. They won in overtime and I'm still not sure how they managed to keep up with the Checkers other than Freddy Gaudreau just being magic lately. (Were I writing Ads fic this season, it would be about Freddy and also maybe someone would run Ribeiro over with a zamboni.)


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