Feb. 25th, 2017

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Fic stats for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 'Self-expressive', that's new.

Very slowly nudging projects towards their randomly-decided monthly word count goals: This is going okay. I do have to actually write 750+/day until next Friday at least, so that I can first) beat my previous streak of 25 days, second) win the February challenge, and third) get the badge for writing 30 days in a row. I might bring the college professors + the supernatural novel into play for March and spend some words rewriting what I have of it. The weird Mars novel I've been randomly adding twenty words to here and there this month has no sort of plot yet but I did put a posterboard for planning up on my hallway wall.

I'm enjoying a day where I have no essential reason to leave my house - I have done a little cleaning, a little laundry, some writing, a little reading, and some snacking so far. I also put up the Mercer Mayer print I got from Etsy a few weeks ago. Goopy is currently camped out on my bed, annoyed that I will not join him, but the blankets are all in the dryer. Meanwhile, Eyeless is next to me on the sofa in Weekend Mode - sometimes during the week I hardly see her but then on the weekends she likes to snuggle.

Condo association sent a letter saying we all have to pay $300 for some work on our thirty year-old buildings. I know that's not bad compared to some other assessments I've heard other complexes getting nailed with, but ugh it's still $300. On the other hand, my balance with the electric company was so far in the positive that I didn't have a bill for two months so I guess that evens things a little. (I'm on the budget plan where you pay the same thing for six months and then it's recalculated. Alas, winter electricity has now caught up with me so it's going up $25 for the next round but if this summer is like last summer it will then drop again.)

Ah, Goopy has appeared to yell at me. Sorry buddy, the blankets aren't dry yet!


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