Feb. 27th, 2017

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Fic stats: Saturday (???) and Sunday. (Yesterday: "concerned with money". Me: "but I wrote almost all of a NSFW scene yesterday, ummm...".)

Cat: hooman you pet
Me: *touches cat*
Cat: *outraged chirp*
Me: you asked for it!

I came in to work this morning and MCW very animatedly recapped the Best Picture fuck up and even though I slept like shit last night and felt horrible, my skin is now clear and my crops are flourishing. (Confession: I haven't seen either yet but I was maxed out on crying at movies by the time Moonlight was anywhere near me and maxed out on Hollywood's love of Hollywood when LLL got here.) I don't know what's greater in this picture, Matt Damon's face or Meryl Streep's face? Actually, I think The Rock's face wins.

Still hoping Casey's terrible hair/beard is for the Lewis & Clark thing; IMDb now says 2018. Also hoping they make Meriwether Lewis have all sorts of unrequited love for William Clark. Do it, HBO!!

Where does a person find kinkmemes and ficathons? I would be interested in these things but have no idea where to look (now that LiveJournal no longer functions that way for fandom).


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