Mar. 1st, 2017

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Monday's words were just me re-writing some of the TFA story, so I'm not really counting them. Tuesday's stats (all TFA story). February's complete stats. Doing the actual math for words written, I wrote 20,053 words in February!

Disappearing from the in-progress list for March is the sad Chuckie/Morgan story that was really just a reactionary bit to MbtS, so it can go live in the unfinished folder, along with the one GenKill story where I never could figure out what the point was. Everything else remains for now - I signed up for the 750words March challenge so I'll probably continue adding bits to everything again, plus I signed up for a fic exchange so that's 5k I have to write right there. March goals: edit/post the random Admirals porn, finish Bond poly and TKF stories, write exchange assignment, do some work on the novel I haven't looked at since 2014.

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I'm loathe to jinx myself and say this - but I think it might be nearing the time to replace my trusty living room laptop, which now that I think about it is probably six or seven years old. I need something with a CD drive, because I still load music from CDs into iTunes. Which seems to be a disappearing thing judging from the nine million Chromebook options compared to a laptop that actually has a CD drive in it? (Why am I going to buy an album for $12 from the iTunes store when I can buy it used on CD for $3?)


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