Mar. 27th, 2017

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Yesterday's makeup class was more fun than I was expecting - they do a step-by-step demo and as one step is finished in the demo, you do that step on your face. So for the contouring/highlighting class it was: concealer, blush, contouring powder, and highlighter. I used this, this, this, and this.

I bought none of those things (I do already have the NARS concealer but I'm too lazy to use it every day), and instead tried this Anastasia eyeshadow palette during the private shopping time we got before the store opened (since I didn't wear any eyeshadow to the class), and ended up buying it. Then when I got home and was putting the makeup sitting on my bathroom counter all away, I realized I already own a Makeup Revolution palette that has most of the same colors. Note to self: if you'd stop buying makeup this would stop happening! Anyway, today I am wearing orange shadow with a turquoise shadow as a liner because I felt like being weird today but it is not as bright as it sounds. It could be brighter. I will have to experiment.

I also dyed my hair last night to a shade called "chrome plum", which looked cool brown with plum tones on the box, but looks mostly red on me.

Power Rangers: UNEXPECTEDLY GREAT. I might need to write fic? Once I feel like I can write again, and after I finish my F5k assignment and finish writing through nearly the entire roster of my hockey team. (Who lost yesterday but A. saw Adam Pardy in the hall so we know he's alive, and then we realized where he and his girlfriend were sitting, waaaay up in the 400s.)

ETA: I was pondering finally getting to Logan after work but I'm glad I looked at my calendar because they're coming to clean the dryer vent today. #adulthood


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