Mar. 29th, 2017

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Continuing review of Surprise Sephora Order: Wore Commodity's Vetiver today (have been wearing E&J's Nirvana Black the last month or so because I've had the bottle for what seems like forever and I need to downsize my perfume collection a little) and while it's lovely, I can hardly smell any of it left three hours after application. Very glad I only got the travel size, and very disappointed because I love vetiver scents. (This vetiver & cardamom candle is my 100% favorite scent in the world, hands down.) This might sound weird, but I am completely in love with things that smell like the "thicket" page in a scratch and sniff Bambi book I had when I was a kid - this!! Oh man, do I buy that?

Anyway, the perfume: disappointing. :(

The Josie Maran argan+honey trial set: the balm has been nice on elbows and the dry spot on my thumb, I usually put a little on before I go to bed. It is a tiny jar but it should last me a while. The pure argan oil I pat on along with my nighttime moisturizer (this, the only cream I've tried that doesn't turn me into an immediate grease pit, would definitely buy again) and it seems to calm my idiotically sensitive skin down a bit more. The argan milk I mixed a couple drops into my jar of daytime gel moisturizer but I can't tell if it's had any positive effect at all, but definitely no negative effects. In sum: nice but would not spend the money on full sizes of any of these things.

The MJ coconut gel highlighter: Added a pump to my foundation mix but see zero difference. I need to experiment with this some more. I did add a touch of highlighter to my makeup routine this week so far - a few dots of a NYX cream and a swipe of NYX chromatic powder, sooooo much cheaper than what we used at the Sephora. It's fairly subtle but I am enjoying it. You can juuuust see it in this terrible selfie.

I am still obsessed with UD's Vice lipsticks. Current favorite color. A light application of this color leans more into "your lips have some color, you're not dead pale after all!" territory versus the "you are TOTALLY wearing lipstick!". I have several colors in this formula and the only one that really didn't work for me was Backdoor (it looked a little more pink-copper when I swatched it but on I thought it was too brown). Also the metallic orange? AMAZING.

I got our Celeb Serve tickets, and that's next Tuesday so be ready for some ridiculousness.


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