Apr. 12th, 2017

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I am incredibly amused that posting methods very clearly led a few people to will the universe last forever. I see you, people who clicked "Adam Payerl" as a tag.

I would best describe that story as "mostly platonic kneeling - on a bus", which is not entirely what I thought I was going to do when I texted [personal profile] anniejd11 a few weeks ago "If I want to write fic about someone kneeling for Granberg who would it be?". My plan wasn't exactly Granberg getting the assist on Richard actually kneeling for someone else. I guess it's not me if it's not a little weird.

Going to Rockford tonight for an away game - somehow I've never been to Rockford for a game before! Also this is the first away game I've gone to all season. Our one previous trip to Rosemont was for the Wolves' Star Wars night and the opposing team was someone else I don't even remember, probably Iowa.

Looking back at my AO3 history, this is 100% the time of year I write random fic about this team, although usually I don't finish this much of it. (Me to me: Just start earlier next season so you're not disappointed that the season is over when you're actually still in the mood to write about these dorks.) Playoffs start next week: aaaaaaaah I don't want us to play Grand Rapids again.

And then it will be summer and time for my annual Generation Kill renaissance.

Also in checking AO3: Hey, I have posted seven things already this year, which is as many as I posted ALL of last year! Still have to post another 40k by the end of the year to make my word count goal - fandom5k will knock out at least 5k by the end of this month, and wrapping up the almost done Bond story will be at least 10k, so I should be past the halfway point before June. The first weekend in May I'm going to Door County with P. - one last hurrah before a Tiny Hooman arrives in July - so I'm planning to finish the Bond story that trip if I haven't already.


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