May. 1st, 2017

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WIPs doc was getting a little hard to wrangle so now I have two WIPs spreadsheets - one for the running list, sorted by media type, and one for all my monthly check-ins. Check-in for April: Not bad? I don't feel like I wrote almost eighteen thousand words. (This is a good thing, it's like training for NaNoWriMo.)

I have tried keeping project lists in the past but failed at updating them past February or so, so just keeping my spreadsheets up to date is a positive for me. My goal for May is to finish the Bond poly story FINALLY, hopefully finish the TKF story (both are at NSFW spots so I will probably go to Panera and work on them there because nothing works better for me when it comes to writing porn than writing it in public), and probably poke at the SFW Admirals things if I need something to do while at work.

So far this year I have posted 34,886 words of fic, so that's 58% of my 2017 goal. I have already posted two more pieces than I did last year in total, but last year was just weird in general due to MBA!Ray being the longest piece of fic I've ever finished.

Door County this weekend, yaaaaaaaaaay! Gonna buy some fancy liquor and read a book.


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