Jul. 7th, 2017

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Exciting tales from adulthood: my dad and I went to the new Meijer yesterday and there were some intriguing-looking vegetarian items that I want to try - but it was freakin' 92 degrees here yesterday and he wanted to go to Panera to eat afterward, so neither one of us got anything that couldn't sit in the car for a bit. Then I went home and looked at pictures of pro cyclists hugging each other until it was past my bedtime.

I'm trying to decide if I want to see The Beguiled tonight after work, or go tomorrow morning. I'm leaning towards tomorrow morning since I have to shuffle my sleep schedule enough this weekend that it's not hell when I have to roll into work at 4AM this coming Monday. I think tonight I'm just going to make an Indian curry of some sort with rice, watch some stuff, try to write a bit, and (hopefully) go to bed early.

Writing check-in for July so far: Ehh, got a little bit done but not much. I did downsize my July list to things I felt were most likely to get some words, although the Admirals stories are all larger projects about dudes who are now gone, so I'm :( about that.


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