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Oh man, I was not expecting to get 100% distracted this morning by the lake of Max Reinhart feelings I didn't realize I even still had (it was maybe a pond of feelings that I would occasionally stick my toe in when I'd check his status). I went to YouTube to look for interviews so I could write some more of this total crackfic I decided I needed to exist (where Max turns into a fox, and various other players turn into other animals) and found this and uuuuuugh I was done for. There is no player I miss being on my dumb team more than Max.

Whew. Anyway, I think I managed to finish the rough draft of my Bond poly story while in Door County although even though it feels done I worry it's not actually? But I printed it out to edit by hand probably tomorrow - I slept so badly last night that I'm not going to be able to accomplish anything after work today - and I added bits to a few other things today despite being half asleep and drowning in feelings. Good enough that Wednesday's writing check-in won't be terrible.

ETA: I stayed up way too late reading fic whyyyyyyyyyy self.
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