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I lost like three hours of my life last Sunday night reading money diaries at Refinery29 and being like "What? Whaaaaat?" about quite a few of them. Then I figured I would keep track for a week, R29-style - which is a weird mash-up of food diary and money diary - and then you guys could shame me in the comments R29-style!

Here's what I pay every month:
Mortgage: $420 ($210 every two weeks, I pay extra so that I'm ahead in case I need to skip a payment)
Condo fees: $175 (includes water)
Car payment: $250 (I try to pay extra, though)
Auto & home insurance: $95
Internet: $63.05
Netflix: $10.50 (mine, checking) & $8.40 (my sister's, credit card)
Electric: $129 (current six-month budget plan average, so this reflects winter heat usage)
Macy's card auto-pay: $52 on the Macy's card, $50 on the AmEx card
Gym membership: $35 (on my credit card)

Amazon Prime is a yearly withdrawal, and I share Hulu+ with former roomies in exchange for Netflix & Amazon access.

Debt: I have around $3k in CC debt on two store cards and two credit cards, and I still owe the ER $300 (the other two medical bills from my ER adventure are paid off but I couldn't swing the entire $365 ER bill in one go).

What I make:
$15.50/hour @ full-time job, 40-45 hours/week +OT rate for anything over 40 hours worked in-office (so if I work extra hours four days but am unexpectedly sick the fifth day, those extra hours aren't paid at the OT rate). Take home is usually between $850-$1000 every two weeks.
$10/hour @ part-time respite care job, 4-10 hours/week (I can only work up to 13 hours/week for this)

Savings: I have enough in savings to pay off all my CC debt right now if I wanted to, but as I pay property taxes that are about $1,300 every year - I don't want to. Plus the account that money is in is the kind where I have to keep a grand in there or else pay a fee.


10:00 AM - Move from bed to couch and make a cup of coffee with almond milk along the way, drink half, and nap on and off while watching Forensic Files. Have some cereal somewhere in here.
4:30 PM - Go buy cat food before the cats decide to stage a rebellion. $16.88
5:15 PM - After discussing with friends yesterday how much we like chicken nuggets, get dinner from McD's drive-thru. $6.30
9:00 PM - Should probably pay my Kohl's bill before I forget and it's overdue again. $100

Total: $123.18


6:12 AM - I snoozed one too many times and now need to take the world's fastest shower, oh shit. Still out the door and in my car by 6:41 (and my car clock is 5 minutes ahead). I'll just do my eyeshadow at work.
7:00 AM - Make coffee at work, wonder why the hell I have a trainee on Memorial Day. She can do some online training and then go home early.
8:25 AM - Buy $50 worth of FYE gift cards for $38 online for my sister. $37.90 on my debit card but our dad will pay me back in cash when we use them. Check Macy's to see if the purse I want is any cheaper; it's not.
10:30 AM - Make veggie burger on sad whole wheat bun w/ mayo & pickled red onions that I brought from home. I think I bought these (frozen) veggie burgers in February. It is very unsatisfying.
3:00 PM - Escape work at my actual scheduled time, head to grocery store because my fridge is in a sad state. Veggie dogs & buns, single-serve bag of chips, mushrooms, an onion, ground coffee (to make cold brew concentrate), creamer, sliver of parmesan, shredded cheese, salsa, and two pints of ice cream. $35.46
4:45 PM - Roast a large bag of frozen broccoli in the oven since it was almost more ice crystals than broccoli, have 1/3 of that with a veggie dog and chips (it is a holiday, I guess).
5:45 PM - Have another veggie dog. They're so idiotically small that even these 80 calorie buns are too big, so I never eat the entire stupid bun.
7:30 - Have a few spoonfuls of one ice cream flavor but I'm not feeling the chocolate bits in it, so I try the other (toasted sesame brittle) - it's good. Restrain myself from eating the whole thing.

Total: $73.36 (my bank will round up both of day's purchases & transfer the difference to a savings account, there's $95 in there right now - vacation money!)


6:15 AM - Snoozed too many times again but it's a day I don't wash my hair so I still make it out the door on time.
7:00 AM - Still did my eyeshadow at work, though. Co-worker made the coffee, hooray. Trainee again. :-/
9:45 AM - Too hungry to make it to lunch so I eat a pumpkin Fiber One cookie bar thing from my snack stash. Bookmark some Twin Peaks art on Etsy to maybe buy later.
12:00 - Make the other veggie burger, with a slice of cheddar today and "garden salsa" SunChips from the vending machine. $1.25
4:00 PM - Escape work, hit up Walgreen's for Aleve since I ran out earlier. Large bottle generic Aleve liqui-gels, a diet Sprite, and a $2 Wonder Woman lipgloss: $18.26
5:30 PM - Eat mac'n'cheese with veggie hot dog pieces and roasted broccoli left from yesterday mixed in (while watching Twin Peaks). Comfort food at its finest.
7:30 - Rewatch American Gods pilot, then read fic until it's bedtime.

Total: $19.51


7:00 AM - Do my makeup at work again. There's three of us drinking coffee today so it's definitely going to be a two-pot day.
11:15 AM - Eat remainder of the leftover broccoli & a cheese sandwich from stuff I already had in the fridge at work.
3:00 PM - Leave work. It's my day to pick up my sister to "do stuff", so I head to my dad's. Take my sister to B&N, she buys our coffees. I get a Stephen King novel to read on the plane next week. $12.86 after extra 20% off coupon.
4:15 PM - We go to the mall because she's weirdly obsessed with Racine's shitty mall, mostly because they have an FYE so she can get terrible movies used on DVD for cheap. They can't figure out how to enter the gift cards, although they agree they're valid, so I'll go back tomorrow for what Laura wanted to get after they call their corporate office to find out how to input the gift card.
6:00 PM - Pick up takeout for the fam. Dad gives me cash, I put the food on my debit card so I can save the cash for my vacation next week. $34.01
7:00 PM - Watch some SCF with my dad as we make a list of movies to watch on Wednesday nights once hockey is over.
8:30 PM - Head home with the suitcase my sister & I share so I can start packing for my trip. Starz subscription renews; that's right, I forgot I pay for American Gods. $9.45

Total: $56.32, but score $52 in cash from my dad (after paying for my americano & Laura's frappuccino).


7:00 AM - Do makeup at work because I am a failure at getting up in the morning. Realize Amazon has charged me for my recurring electric toothbrush head replacement order. $19.96
11:30 AM - Cheese sandwich time.
1:45 PM - Store in the mall calls me to say they can't take the gift cards because they're not physical gift cards but they will work online if I want to shop that way. Request a refund from the place I bought them from because the whole point was for my sister to get her dumb used DVDs in the store.
3:30 PM - Head to Kohl's to use Kohl's Cash before it expires. That plus the $10 birthday gift gives me $15 to spend. Look for vacation-worthy shoes and find nothing. Try on a few pairs of pants and find the one pair of jeans in the whole store that aren't on sale, but they fit really nice, so after all my discounts they're $24.86. I can deal.
5:00 PM - Look up if the cargo pants I really liked in-store are available anywhere nearby in a color other than the dark pink I tried on. N-o-p-e. (I am an adult who hasn't figured out how to wear non-neutral colored pants.) And I don't want to pay $9 for shipping. Maybe I'll try again next week.
5:45 PM - Decide I don't want to cook mushroom stroganoff tonight, make nachos with remaining tortilla chips instead.
8:00 PM - Might as well pay my car payment now so I don't have to worry about it next week while out of town, right? Right.

Total: $44.82


7:00 AM - Same as every other day. I can't wait for vacation.
8:55 AM - Find the cargo pants available in three acceptable colors at semi-nearby mall. Debate with myself, then say fuck it and charge them. Co-worker brings Jelly Belly rejects up to my desk, guess it's jellybeans for breakfast! Discover another Lorde track has dropped and I pre-ordered the album, so: $1
10:25 AM - Respite care paycheck deposits, yay $87 dollars that will basically pay for the pants I just bought.
12:00 - Cheese sandwich time; all of the hamburger buns are now used up before they went moldy, also yay!
3:00 - Could stay late to do deposits but I don't, since I'll be here on Sunday anyway, head to bank to deposit $22.83 eBates check I've been carrying around in my purse for like two weeks.
4:45 - Pick up pants. Decide that I might as well look for vacation-worthy shoes while I'm at this mall. (I have really sensitive feet with very narrow heels but wide toes so I have a really hard time finding any shoes at all that aren't sneakers. Consequently I spend all summer annoyed at wearing sneakers because sometimes I just want to wear a dress, god damn it!!) No luck on shoes. Spend Macy's cash + birthday gift card on a short-sleeved jean shirt to wear over stuff, a short-sleeved cardigan to wear over stuff, and a luggage tag since I remembered there isn't one on the suitcase.
5:30 - @ Hot Topic, decide I need Wonder Woman jewelry (a hair clip in the shape of a sword!!), and round up my total for charity: $20
6:00 - Find shoes that might work for vacation on clearance at Target for $12. I guess even if they fail at being decent vacation shoes or I ruin them immediately, I'm only out $12. Noodles to make the mushroom pasta, plastic cosmetics case for my trip, shoes, and face wash: $30.36.
7:30 - Eat remaining veggie dogs, put the other half of the hot dog buns in the freezer to throw away six months from now after I forget they're in there, then eat some ice cream.

Total: $51.36 - $22.83 eBates money = $28.53

SATURDAY: Don't even get out of bed until late afternoon despite having plans because I feel so exhausted. Make mushroom pasta finally and it's really good, and makes just enough for dinner tonight, dinner tomorrow (while I work a random second shift), and lunch Monday. Finish off the sesame brittle ice cream. Stay up much later than I should.

Total: $0
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