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Hello from California! Ruth and I are in Monterey, for beach-wandering and aquarium-going. We'll be here a few days and then we're road-trippin' back up north. (Well, "north" for California values of north.) I'm going to attempt to keep track of what I spend, just to compare for non-vacation times, and also to remind myself that I can never be a person who eats at restaurants all the time.

Got to the airport with so much time to spare that I was worried about the battery life of my phone, and since I forgot my backup battery, I started with my usual O'Hare purchase of one: $30. Then I got a black coconut bubble tea with coconut jelly, which was amazing, a fun breakfast, and also $5. It's a little more than a four hour flight, so there was lunch included, but since I knew we were going to get food immediately in San Jose, I skipped it in favor of the largest glass of red wine I have ever been served, LOL. And American gives first class warm roasted mixed nuts, which were amazingly the perfect snack.

Once in San Jose, we went to this hippy-hipster-looking place for vegan food. I got "spicy basil tofu" in a burrito and a Belgian beer of some sort - both were excellent, $17. Stayed there chatting for quite a while, before going to a milkshake place down the street where Ruth could get one made with vegan ice cream, and I bought those, as it's the least I can do since she's driving: $16

Then we drove down to Monterey and had to pay for the hotel immediately, so $157 right there. Wandered the beach for a while, which was so pretty but quite cool, temp-wise. I didn't bring anything long-sleeved, just a 3/4 cardigan. My mistake!

For dinner we went to another vegetarian place with hand-made wooden slab tables, and immediately gave up on talking to each other in favor of listening in on fascinating nearby conversations and also to the duo playing music. Ruth got us a roasted artichoke, which I had never eaten before: I didn't dislike it, but it's also not something I'd get again. Our main meals were both HUGE - I got an excellent salad that was baby greens with roasted squash, zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, and sweet potato, in a tahini dressing with sunflower seeds on top. It was great. $24 for dinner, and I tucked $10 in the musicians' tip jar because they were good and a perfect volume for a restaurant.

Total: $259

We're currently chilling in our room before leaving for the aquarium in a few - there's a dippy continental breakfast provided so I walked down and grabbed pb&j toast and a cup of coffee. Sometimes you just need some cheap wheat bread, regular peanut butter, and jelly with actual sugar in it, y'know?

So far on this trip, I need to recreate the tofu burrito and the roasted veggie salad for sure. I would eat that burrito again right now!!
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