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Okay, so I'm never going to remember all the money I spent today, but I'll try:

We went to the Monterey Aquarium, which was amazing and beautiful. I found it very emotionally restful, if that makes sense. We watched the kelp forest for a while (there were gorgeous leopard sharks), saw the wetland birds (they're all rescues who can't fly, and this display is just open without anything between you and the birds), looked at a million jellies, sort of saw the sea otters a bit, I TOUCHED A BAT RAY THIS WAS EXCITING, saw a hammerhead shark, saw puffins and penguins, and went through the the Baja California exhibit, then the "Tentacles" exhibit of celaphalopods. It was all great and 100% worth the $45 to get in. Touching the ray was my favorite part (I have a lot of feelings bound up in this due to an experience as a child where I was terrified to touch the rays at either SeaWorld or Disney), and then probably the leopard sharks. The jellies were amazing to look at but there's one exhibit with a lot of them in it and it just made me think of Sphere.

Got my sister a keychain because that's what she wanted, [redacted gift for fellow DW user], a postcard of the jellies, and a small stuffed octopus for me - $34.

After that we got sushi (I know, lol) - well, I got sushi and Ruth got intriguing vegetarian rolls - and it was excellent. $30, also worth it. Wandered through a used bookstore and was tempted by an (old) book of Canadian short stories, but decided against it. Then we went down through a bunch of touristy shops on Cannery Row, and I got a scarf with clocks on it for me, and one with a bunch of flowers for Upstairs Lady, for $10 total. For my dad I got a jar of fancy sea salt and then a jacket in the Pebble Beach outlet as a Father's Day gift - normally $80 but on sale for $40, and he's a golfer so I feel good about getting him something Pebble Beach (famous golf course here). At a different shop I got two shells to add to my rocks-and-shells collection, $14. New lightweight hoodie, $40. We also went through about four different candy stores but nothing was that intriguing and I was still full from lunch besides.

We did go into a Starbucks that had the nitro cold brew, so I tried - it was really refreshing. It's probably a good thing it's only a select stores because I would definitely order it again.

After going back to the hotel long enough for me to write the above section of this entry, we went to a vegan Mexican place for dinner and had another excellent meal. I had a veggie taco, a nopales (cactus) taco, and some fries, and their chamoyada for dessert (mango sorbet w/ mango pieces, chamoy sauce, and Tajin - chamoy sauce is a red fruit-based chili sauce, so it's sweet and spicy, and Tajin is a seasoning with salt, chile, and lime - so it was altogether sweet, spicy, sour, and salty. So good. I think everything came to about $23.

Tomorrow we're going out for breakfast and then to Carmel to see the Mission and wander some more.


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