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Tuesday featured a momentarily terrifying time where I asked the guy who runs the Admirals fansite what someone's nickname was and he didn't know and was like, "I'll ask him for you!" because he was interviewing Jack in like fifteen minutes. No, that's fine, I can make something up for my fanfictions live without this, buuuuuuut he asked it before he even asked Jack any questions about the playoffs (everyone on my dumb team sounded very "eh, w/e" in Tuesday's interviews about playoffs except for Cody Bass, who was the most relentlessly upbeat and also not even playing because he's still recovering from surgery). The answer turned out to be that Jack doesn't actually have a hockey nickname, but our rotating crew of Quebec kids ("the Frenchies") apparently call him various Jack-based things. Fansite Guy keeps trying to make Mr. Minnesota stick and seems endlessly bummed that it hasn't, haha.

Fansite guy might be hanging it up now so clearly now is the time for [personal profile] anniejd11 & me to get serious about the blog we neglected for months and get some press credentials. (Honestly, I think this would be a lot of fun for a month or two, and then we'd find out that some dumb player we previously enjoyed is actually an asshole and be disappointed. And we would probably just be tired from all the staying up late.)

Speaking of Quebec, (also on) Tuesday I lost like half an hour looking up various Quebecois folklore online for a story, but the internet is sadly lacking if you're looking for things other than the flying canoe and/or werewolves.

THEN I WENT TO THE GAME LAST NIGHT and sigh, we lost, in thrilling and sad overtime fashion. Pardy's devastated face was too much for me, you guys. AHL hockey - especially in the playoffs - is so bizarre. Here are some parts that aren't developed enough for the fancy hockey, here are some parts you had to get yourself from college or whatever, here are some broken parts the fancy hockey gave back to you because they're broken, here are some bad parts the fancy hockey just didn't want anymore, and here are some really underdeveloped parts that arrived last-minute from Canada. Oh, and the fancy hockey will probably take away your actual really good parts before you get to the playoffs. Suck it up, Dean!!

At least I will always have the happy memory of Jack hugging Tiny Mouthbreather from behind in an adorable fashion. (Tiny Mouthbreather, a defenseman, scored both of their goals last night.)

Anyway, bombing out of the playoffs (again) aside, that was a pretty fun season and I enjoyed my two-month descent into writing a bunch of weird fic about their dumb faces. I have some unfinished things that I may or may not complete, *shrug* we'll see.
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the best of interventions: Tyler Kelleher/Jack Dougherty, in which Kelly wakes up a girl (the first problem), then discovers his backup plan has an actual crush on him (the second problem). Admirals Man of the Year Jack Dougherty comes to his rescue.

I was going to wait to post this until after my Fandom5k story went up but really, what's the difference. My posting goal for the year is now up to 49% complete! And April isn't even over yet!
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Home team down 0/2 in the playoffs, stupid Grand Rapids. I was really, really hoping for something at least SLIGHTLY better than a repeat of last year's utter terribleness. Could you maybe not allow two empty net goals in the last minute, kids? Sigh.

Fic stats check-in for today. It appears I wrote 7k+ in a week, which is past "good" for me and more into "outrageous". Yesterday I didn't do anything but write, since I wanted to finish both the woke-up-a-girl story (it was very close to the end after I wrote 1200 words of NSFW bits while watching Game 1 at the bar Friday night and now it's done \o/) and my F5k story (it is now very close to the end since I added more than a thousand words to it yesterday, so today I'm working on rewriting the parts where I need to change tenses). IT WAS A LOT OF WRITING.

And I'm at work. Cha-ching, overtime money.
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Fic check-in for the 16th, not too shabby other than how I didn't plan on writing all this Admirals fic this month. Plan for today is to write another good chunk of my Fandom5k story after work so that by Sunday I can be done with the rough draft and can take advantage of our double monitor setup here at work to rewrite the sections I need to fix all the tenses in while I work an overtime shift. (Of course, now that I have made this my plan, there will be other things going on at work that day.)

Local man, 20, can't tell jokes but scores OT winner. (I was legitimately woken up this morning by a text that was nothing more than "KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN".)

We have to change our main campus login passwords to something overly long this week and I'm tempted to use "CTSmademedoit01" because it's so annoying. I've had the same computer login password here since 1999! It's the end of an era.
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Penalty box update: Adam Pardy in full gear on skates is just Too Large. TOO LARGE. (Earlier this season I was at a game with P. & someone behind us was like, "That guy is huge!" like they were just so astounded by his size so now we say it to each other whenever Pardy's on the ice. But yes: huge.) Then we lost in a terribly over-the-top fashion but the team gave Pards an A so he can be an Official Team Dad and I 100% approve of this choice. (Apparently when he was out with the broken arm he acted as an unofficial coach, so yes, Team Dad.) Also great in the game: Douchebag Creepster was nowhere to be seen, hallelujah.

Going from my seat to hang out with A. for the third period, I found myself walking behind our usual starting goalie in the hallway, holding his daughter. Dear Maz: Excellent suit choice, and your kid is super adorbs. The game by that point was a mess they were never going to recover from, so we just took a million pictures of our faves on the bench instead.

I am upset to say that I am not optimistic about playoffs since it's Grand Rapids again but I will take any and all games the universe would like to give me with Large Team Dad and his vaguely gingery beard before he's gone.

The Fate of the Furious no-spoiler review: The first half was Not Good. Then it got 100% ridonkuballs and I forgot about it not being good. 100% of their problems in that movie could have been solved if they'd [done a thing] in [previous installment]. Then it made me cry, twice.

Charlize Theron overall: I am unsure about these choices.

Helen Mirren: Delightful.

Also, I think I 'ship Deckard/Hobbs now. And Roman/Scott Eastwood's unnamed character. I really did not expect to come out of that movie wanting to write fic about The Rock and Jason Statham. This is now two Jason Statham characters I would possibly write fic about (the other being his Expendables character). I can't believe I'm putting this one my Yuletide list.

We got a flat tire coming back from the theater, which neither my dad nor I realized was flat-flat until he was dropping me off and I looked at the tires to see if one was actually low (since he did get a low pressure alert). So between the two of us we got the spare on while my sister just sat in the backseat.

The air pressure in my building is so insane we can barely get the door open back here by the PD, and today it makes a high-pitched feedback noise whenever anyone opens it. This can't be good.
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Good times in Rockford. Also, cold times In Rockford. Even in long sleeves I was freakin' freezing. I accidentally made eye contact with Tiniest Mouthbreather and whoops I'm like 40% concerned he actually recognized me. Also I have several other pictures where the players I have written fic about are looking directly at my camera. But that one with Pards is my favorite.

Arena notes: They wouldn't let me bring my purse in because it was too big (BOO) but their stairs all have railings, so they get an A+ for that. Tomorrow A. & I are watching warm-ups from the penalty box at the Panther arena (our lives, don't ask) and I am legit terrified of the stairs there. I'm going to bring my cane to get back up but it's kind of useless for going down the steps. (It's not that the steps have a big drop, it's that they are nearly as narrow width-wise as my foot. And I have small feet! Who designed these steps!)

Watched some of Preds-Hawks last night with my dad, who thinks he likes the Hawks even thought I'm all, "Dad, you have seen Pontus Aberg play in real life and there he is on TV. DAD. PONTUS ABERG."

It looks like the kids will be playing Grand Rapids in the first round, but uuuuuuuuuuugh, do not want a repeat of last year. The Red Wings send down all their good baby players and the Preds call up our good baby players (PONTUS; last year they stole Kevin) and ugh DNW. Although maybe this year the good baby Wings played too many NHL games to get sent to Grand Rapids. I CAN HOPE.

I need $500 for this cat painting. (Would alternately accept the availability of affordable prints by this artist.)
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I am incredibly amused that posting methods very clearly led a few people to will the universe last forever. I see you, people who clicked "Adam Payerl" as a tag.

I would best describe that story as "mostly platonic kneeling - on a bus", which is not entirely what I thought I was going to do when I texted [personal profile] anniejd11 a few weeks ago "If I want to write fic about someone kneeling for Granberg who would it be?". My plan wasn't exactly Granberg getting the assist on Richard actually kneeling for someone else. I guess it's not me if it's not a little weird.

Going to Rockford tonight for an away game - somehow I've never been to Rockford for a game before! Also this is the first away game I've gone to all season. Our one previous trip to Rosemont was for the Wolves' Star Wars night and the opposing team was someone else I don't even remember, probably Iowa.

Looking back at my AO3 history, this is 100% the time of year I write random fic about this team, although usually I don't finish this much of it. (Me to me: Just start earlier next season so you're not disappointed that the season is over when you're actually still in the mood to write about these dorks.) Playoffs start next week: aaaaaaaah I don't want us to play Grand Rapids again.

And then it will be summer and time for my annual Generation Kill renaissance.

Also in checking AO3: Hey, I have posted seven things already this year, which is as many as I posted ALL of last year! Still have to post another 40k by the end of the year to make my word count goal - fandom5k will knock out at least 5k by the end of this month, and wrapping up the almost done Bond story will be at least 10k, so I should be past the halfway point before June. The first weekend in May I'm going to Door County with P. - one last hurrah before a Tiny Hooman arrives in July - so I'm planning to finish the Bond story that trip if I haven't already.
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Getting back on the wagon: Writing check-in for 4/9. Not too bad, since Thursday was the first day this month that I really was in the mood to write, versus just making myself scribble down some stuff here and there.

(Also, after fixing the formulas on my March spreadsheet, I found that I actually wrote 8k in March, which is even better than I thought for 60% of the month being a wash!)

Yesterday I added 1,340 words to my fandom5k story, so it's reached the halfway point. \o/

Today I discovered the Carter/Richards fanlore page links to my accidental marriage fic, which might explain why people still read it. (The things that are/aren't on Fanlore are wild, imho.)
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more capable of anything (Jack Dougherty/Trevor Murphy/Vladislav Kamenev), aka threesome frottage with some very minor cross-dressing - YAY, I CAN WRITE AGAIN. Waiting for my brain to reboot back to writing-mode after being sick is the worst. Also, who are all the people who have read this already? WHO ARE YOU, MYSTERY READERS?

I'm up to 21k words posted so far for 2017, which puts me right on target with my adjusted overall 2017 goal of 60,000 words posted. \o/ Fandom5k story is moving along - slowly, but it's moving - I am at 20% complete and I hope to be at 50% by the end of the weekend. (It's not a fandom I've written in before so I'm a little apprehensive, but the kinks requested were right in my wheelhouse. Also, I'm doing it in past tense which I something I only do about once a year, so that's tripping me up just a bit as well.) I just had to look up the etymology of a word I don't think was used in the year this fandom takes place, so there's also a new-to-me research component to this. Here is the online etymology dictionary I'm using - quite helpful so far.

MCW: Can I share?
Me: Okay.
MCW: *puts his cold hands around the bare part of my arm*

Yesterday I mentally planned out a Choose Your Own Pornventure story in which Adam Pardy wasn't injured, he just woke up a woman, and the team puts up a sign-up sheet for volunteers to bang him back into being a dude. I LOVE TROPES. I will probably not write this but I have learned I can never say I'll never write something because then five minutes later I have 500 words of it.
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me in yesterday's entry: (*cough* nine roster players *cough* but one is so long-term injury that I don't think he even lives here anymore)
me today: WHERE DID CODY BASS EVEN APPEAR FROM?? WHERE HAS HE BEEN ALL THIS TIME? WHY IS HE TOUCHING ME? (The other dude is Andrew O'Brien, aka "Obie", aka "Meat". We never did get anyone to tell us why his nickname is Meat.)

(ETA: Maybe I should note that Cody has been on our roster all year but he was injured I think while called up to Nashville really early in the season? And in January he had ACL surgery.)

Other A+ Serve shenanigans: Bought 50/50 tickets from Gunnarson (an adorable child), our waiter was Kelleher (an even more adorable child, except he's really 22 and went to college, but he's even tinier than Tiniest Mouthbreather and also could not write legibly enough for the real waitress to read our order, BUDDY DIDN'T YOU HAVE TO WRITE ANYTHING IN COLLEGE?)

re: Kelleher - please click this link because this is my favorite tweet of all time and who are these people who have asked Roundtable Guy this question? I need to be friends with them. I feel they are my people.

Continuing: Cody and Pontus sold us raffle tickets, except really Cody sold us raffle tickets because Pontus ran off to put the candy jar I gave him somewhere safe (it was mine as a kid and it says Molly, and finally I know of a small Molly to give it to! Since it was basically gathering dust at my house, ONE MORE THING OUT OF MY HOUSE), and Cody was A+ delightful, probably because we gave him a lot of money.

Then we watched everyone wander around. Or dance around, in the case of Dougherty. Thankfully, the booster club stuck the Douchebag Creepster over by the plinko game, so he was completely out of our line of sight, and every time I saw him later he was sitting alone looking dejected, ha ha.

I successfully retrieved very tall Newfoundlander Adam Pardy from behind the bar to take terrible photobooth pictures with me and P., and managed to make some sort of conversation while we waited in line. (Instead of flipping up the bar door to get out from behind the door, he duck-walked his 6'4 self underneath it: ridiculous.) Why is my favorite always the one who is sure to leave at the end of the season?

Derek Army looks just enough like Tom Conrad that it's weird for me, but he was oddly excited to put Mardi Gras beads on us for free while we stood in the photobooth line. I had Tiniest Mouthbreather sign a puck for me later, and then we watched half of the t-shirt auction (I bid on Granberg because no one else was at first but thankfully someone outbid me). The t-shirt auction is always outrageous because the players usually start bidding on each other (Pardy and Kamenev both bid Kirkland up to like $300, uhhh, that's not fic waiting to happen), which is capital-R-Ridiculous but also sort of unfair to us plebes. One of these years I will save up and actually win someone's t-shirt and then look at it five years later and wonder why I spent the money.

In sum: those shenanigans were acceptable. (Except how someone broke into A.'s car while we were in there and stole her crochet bag, probably thinking it was a purse.) I enjoy that the Serve is basically an excuse to flirt harmlessly with the players, who mostly flirt back because we're giving them money for charity. Aaaah, objectifying.
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Since March turned out to be garbage, writing-wise, it's time to set a few goals for April: 1) Post at least one piece of fic, and that can be only my fandom5k story if that's all I finish. 2) Finish the rough draft of the Bond poly story (it's nearly done) and the rough draft of the Ads crossdressing threesome (it's also nearly done). That's it. That's all I have to accomplish. April's minimized goals spreadsheet looks like this.

I wrote a little over six thousand words in March, so had I not gotten sick, I would have managed a respectable monthly total. (And 6k total for the days I was fit to write is pretty good for me.) It's not worth beating myself up over but updating my check-in spreadsheet today for the first time in three weeks, I realized I haven't opened some of these stories in like six weeks, oops. I did sign up for Camp NaNo for April, but for only my fandom5k story.

Sunday's foundation class: Also a good time! I have to say it's a different atmosphere in Sephora when there are only about ten people in the place, and three or four store associates available to talk to. Not that I have ever had a shitty Sephora experience but the store is almost always flooded with people on the weekends, which makes it hard to ask more than thirty seconds' worth of questions. I ended up returning that perfume that faded immediately, and the gel highlighter since I will never use it enough for a large $44 bottle to really be worth it. Used some of my store credit on this face mist, but I think I'll hang on to what remains until the VIB sale that's apparently happening soon. Anyway, the class: I always feel like liquid foundations are too creamy on my weird skin but I ended up liking the Bobbi Brown I got matched with. Just not $50 liking it. I will stick with my current mix of a tinted moisturizer and a water-gel foundation. Did not care for the NARS pot concealer I tried, and will stick with my $5 NYX concealer.

January's haircut has finally grown out into what I wanted in the first place. "It's only hair, it grows back!" - Molly's motto since first grade when I let my BFF at the time cut off my bangs and my mom had to give me a pixie cut.

CELEBRITY SERVE TONIGHT. Pray for me that I don't trip in front of Adam Pardy, or turn ridiculously red when I have to talk to any of the players I've written fic about. (*cough* nine roster players *cough* but one is so long-term injury that I don't think he even lives here anymore) FOURTH WALL WHAT FOURTH WALL?
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Continuing review of Surprise Sephora Order: Wore Commodity's Vetiver today (have been wearing E&J's Nirvana Black the last month or so because I've had the bottle for what seems like forever and I need to downsize my perfume collection a little) and while it's lovely, I can hardly smell any of it left three hours after application. Very glad I only got the travel size, and very disappointed because I love vetiver scents. (This vetiver & cardamom candle is my 100% favorite scent in the world, hands down.) This might sound weird, but I am completely in love with things that smell like the "thicket" page in a scratch and sniff Bambi book I had when I was a kid - this!! Oh man, do I buy that?

Anyway, the perfume: disappointing. :(

The Josie Maran argan+honey trial set: the balm has been nice on elbows and the dry spot on my thumb, I usually put a little on before I go to bed. It is a tiny jar but it should last me a while. The pure argan oil I pat on along with my nighttime moisturizer (this, the only cream I've tried that doesn't turn me into an immediate grease pit, would definitely buy again) and it seems to calm my idiotically sensitive skin down a bit more. The argan milk I mixed a couple drops into my jar of daytime gel moisturizer but I can't tell if it's had any positive effect at all, but definitely no negative effects. In sum: nice but would not spend the money on full sizes of any of these things.

The MJ coconut gel highlighter: Added a pump to my foundation mix but see zero difference. I need to experiment with this some more. I did add a touch of highlighter to my makeup routine this week so far - a few dots of a NYX cream and a swipe of NYX chromatic powder, sooooo much cheaper than what we used at the Sephora. It's fairly subtle but I am enjoying it. You can juuuust see it in this terrible selfie.

I am still obsessed with UD's Vice lipsticks. Current favorite color. A light application of this color leans more into "your lips have some color, you're not dead pale after all!" territory versus the "you are TOTALLY wearing lipstick!". I have several colors in this formula and the only one that really didn't work for me was Backdoor (it looked a little more pink-copper when I swatched it but on I thought it was too brown). Also the metallic orange? AMAZING.

I got our Celeb Serve tickets, and that's next Tuesday so be ready for some ridiculousness.
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Yesterday's makeup class was more fun than I was expecting - they do a step-by-step demo and as one step is finished in the demo, you do that step on your face. So for the contouring/highlighting class it was: concealer, blush, contouring powder, and highlighter. I used this, this, this, and this.

I bought none of those things (I do already have the NARS concealer but I'm too lazy to use it every day), and instead tried this Anastasia eyeshadow palette during the private shopping time we got before the store opened (since I didn't wear any eyeshadow to the class), and ended up buying it. Then when I got home and was putting the makeup sitting on my bathroom counter all away, I realized I already own a Makeup Revolution palette that has most of the same colors. Note to self: if you'd stop buying makeup this would stop happening! Anyway, today I am wearing orange shadow with a turquoise shadow as a liner because I felt like being weird today but it is not as bright as it sounds. It could be brighter. I will have to experiment.

I also dyed my hair last night to a shade called "chrome plum", which looked cool brown with plum tones on the box, but looks mostly red on me.

Power Rangers: UNEXPECTEDLY GREAT. I might need to write fic? Once I feel like I can write again, and after I finish my F5k assignment and finish writing through nearly the entire roster of my hockey team. (Who lost yesterday but A. saw Adam Pardy in the hall so we know he's alive, and then we realized where he and his girlfriend were sitting, waaaay up in the 400s.)

ETA: I was pondering finally getting to Logan after work but I'm glad I looked at my calendar because they're coming to clean the dryer vent today. #adulthood
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Surprise Sephora order: This skincare collection, which seems nice trying it out but I'm not sure I would have ordered it in my right mind. I do like the lip butter. This coconut cleansing water/milk, very nice, would likely order again especially if it came in a larger size (only comes in a travel size right now). Sephora also does a coconut water makeup remover wipe that I like but sometimes the wipe feels a little rough on my stupid overly sensitive skin, and the cleansing milk does the same thing without that roughness.

Also got this Marc Jacobs highlighter that I am so far unsure about. But! I am going to a contouring/highlighting class with A. this Sunday at the semi-local Sephora so hopefully I will figure it out. I mixed a tiny drop into my foundation this morning and my foundation doesn't look any different BUT I probably didn't use enough to make a difference. And finally, this eye cream which I have NO idea why I ordered but after two uses I'm digging it. (I guess I am almost 36 and should probably use an eye cream. I GUESS.)

Email in the police inbox: Hello, I'm not sure of the laws involving bake sales or the permits this group might have but I don't see how raising the price for men is at all okay just because their men. That's flat out the definition of sexist. Please let me know how/if this is okay.

The bake sale in question is charging women 75 cents an item and men $1 specifically to highlight the gender wage gap. This person emailing... wtaf. Also this is not a police matter. Sometimes I just shake my head at the number of things I have to tell people "that's not a police matter".

Also today at P-side - email went out saying former wrestling coach had died (he was hit by a car last week, very sad, a really nice guy). Three hours later, another email: not dead. I know it's morbid humor but it's so P-side. The only way it could have been more P-side is if they'd retracted it by using the actual "so-and-so would like to recall this email" thing.

ETA: It got more even P-side - the incorrect email and the retraction were both scrubbed from everyone's inboxes, LOL.
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I went to work today! I am here! In my chair! I did twelve days' worth of deposits! But now I am exhausted. KB (who also had the plague) says it's more likely the flu than an actual cold, just without the grosser flu symptoms, which makes sense for how I basically didn't get out of bed for a week.

I have not written anything since the couple hundred words I managed before my panic attack adventure two Saturdays ago, and this makes me :( - but I also can barely focus enough to read, uuuuuuuuugh. I want to do things! Seriously though, this needs to end because I need to write at least SOME of my fandom5k story before the mandatory check-in at the beginning of April. (I also, um, sort of want to write two of the prompts? Because I have lost my mind.)

While ill last week I ordered from Sephora because it was double cash back from ebates and I only remember two of the things I ordered so it will be a surprise!!!!! When I open the box tonight it will be like presents. That I paid for.

Here are a couple pictures of kitties being good adopted babies. Goopy hardly left my side this last week.
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After feeling like garbage on Sunday and Monday, which I attributed to Saturday's ER adventure, I woke up definitely sick on Tuesday. Thursday I tried to go to work only for MCW to tell me to go home after two hours, but at least I could detour to the Walgreen's and stock up - I really don't get sick enough to require taking something all that often, so all the meds I had at home were several years expired. I do wish all the NyQuil-style stuff worked on me, though - knock me out so I can sleep, damn it!

It's bad enough that I dragged out the humidifier at 2am this morning, and I completely forgot to cheat at my 750 words yesterday so there goes my streak. :( I wish I could say I have accomplished something being at home the last several days but the most I've done is watch one of Amazon's new pilots, Oasis - with Richard Madden from GoT (it's very Solaris meets Earth 2 maybe? I would watch more), and Doctor Strange, which for all the hoopla about special effects looked suuuuuper crappy on my tiny bedroom television.
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Word counts check-in for the 10th. Got a decent amount of work done on the Bond poly story, plus the Ads fic snippets. (I did want to write some shorter things this year!) I'm guessing the Bond story will clock in around 10k/11k total. I added a tiny bit to it on Saturday, before having what was apparently a panic attack so bad that I didn't know what the hell was wrong with me. I managed to drive home, but then had my dad take me to the ER when I got home and tried to relax and the "what the fuck is wrong with me" feeling still didn't stop. I've only felt like that once before and that lasted twenty minutes, this lasted 2+ hours.

While talking with my dad while we were waiting for one of the dozen tests they had to run to rule out actual heart problems (I had a congenital heart defect when I was born that was repaired with surgery so I really wanted to be sure this wasn't a heart issue), he was like, "I've had panic attacks for years. And so has your aunt, and your grandfather did. Once I had one at work so bad I stayed in the bathroom all day." Thanks for telling me before now! Why is my family so bad with that? My mom didn't tell me about the heart surgery until I was thirty.

I still don't feel like myself but I also haven't slept well since, probably since I'm now anxious that it's going to happen again. Goal for this week: chill.

It is Snowpocalypsing here, and although it's lessened since when I drove to work, the winter weather advisory goes until tomorrow afternoon since we're supposed to get dumped on again tonight. And all I have to eat at my house is eggs and non-perishable stuff like noodles. Maybe I can make it to the grocery store before the snow really starts up again.
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Continuing to make dubious choices writing about dudes I occasionally do have to speak to, (something we could) no longer contain. (Because I can't write hockey fic that doesn't use Hip lyrics for titles: It was handsome at the auction, oh, but when we got it home, it grew up into something we could no longer contain...)

It's all right, I already couldn't look Team Dad in the face without turning beet red.

(Note: I am going to cry a lot when Gord Downie dies. Yesterday I read this and nearly cried.)

Co-worker this morning, going out the door and down the sidewalk: "Snow? SNOW? SNOW??????"

My dad last night was again excited to watch hockey together, so I stayed for the first period of Bruins vs. Red Wings. Despite paying minimal attention to the NHL this year I can still have a complete conversation about it, and I remember seeing some of the baby Red Wings last year playing for the Griffins.

Dr Elly Cat Doctor PhD remains my favorite cat doctor.

Oops, I have not been keeping up: Fic stats for Tuesday, Wednesday. I'm still on a streak, although yesterday half my work was editing on the supernatural novel because my brain was just like "no, I'm done, we had to be sociable for a large portion of the day, please leave me to watch this NOVA episode in peace" but I still needed to get 300 words in somewhere. Whatevs, revising what's done of the old beginning is on my to-do list for this month anyway.

Tonight I definitely need to continue the canon review for my F5k assignment. I'm pretty sure of what I want to do, structure-wise, so I just need to sit down and work on it (and not be afraid of writing in a new fandom, really), and not watch Unsolved Mysteries for three hours.
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Perfume counter meet & greet was basically this -

Players: :-D Hi!
Us: :-D Hi!
Players: :-D
Us: :-D Is this a weird place for an autograph signing?
Players: Yup! :-D
Us: :-D
Players: :-D

So much :-D, my face hurt. Don't look at me, Adam Pardy, I can't deal with your face. Which I then went home and wrote fic about because I remain committed to this "fourth wall? ha ha what fourth wall?" train I'm on. Every year I'm like, "I'm not gonna get attached this year!! I will love no one!! I am an island!!" and inevitably I fail. And we haven't even done Celebrity Serve yet.

Anyway. Fic stats for yesterday tell me the weird vampire porn snippet I wrote was concerned about money. It is not concerned about money, although I would read the fic where players buy each other things in return for various favors (no one will write this so I will just think about it). And now I need to go back to working on the Bond poly story because I would really like to have the rough draft of it done this week before I start digging into my exchange assignment.


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