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Fic check-in for the 16th, not too shabby other than how I didn't plan on writing all this Admirals fic this month. Plan for today is to write another good chunk of my Fandom5k story after work so that by Sunday I can be done with the rough draft and can take advantage of our double monitor setup here at work to rewrite the sections I need to fix all the tenses in while I work an overtime shift. (Of course, now that I have made this my plan, there will be other things going on at work that day.)

Local man, 20, can't tell jokes but scores OT winner. (I was legitimately woken up this morning by a text that was nothing more than "KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN".)

We have to change our main campus login passwords to something overly long this week and I'm tempted to use "CTSmademedoit01" because it's so annoying. I've had the same computer login password here since 1999! It's the end of an era.
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We got a new cash register system a couple months ago, but I had to wait for winter break for there to be time to get it all programmed - I wanted to switch over on 1/1 but since IT didn't set up the CPU the way I needed it, that didn't happen, and then all my student workers were told to come in for training and only one of them showed up. Well, school starts next week and I can't be trying to switch it over on the first day of school, and I can't continue to monopolize the back counter workstation with the cash register (and I took Thursday and Friday off, yay!). So I switched it yesterday - aaaaaaaand the CPU is not compatible with the touchscreen monitor. I guess everyone can suck it up and deal with a regular monitor.

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY OFF, YAAAAAAAAAY! I'm still planning to go see Silence. We'll see if I actually get there.

I have probably spent more time on tumblr since beginning my twitter hiatus, but still not as much time as I used to spent on twitter. Yesterday after work I picked up a couple library books I'd put on hold - using the library more is one of my 2017 goals - and made a whole bunch of beaded pendants to sell on Etsy eventually. For cheap, since I have all of my mom's stash of beads still. I figure I'll make a ton in a bunch of different colors, then put everything up for sale all at once for maybe $1-$3 each (depending on what they're made from) with the option of buying any two and having them made into earrings for $1 or something more. I need to do something with all these jewelry-making supplies besides letting them gather dust, right?


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