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Recent JONAS. )

Also speaking of getting it together: SONNY AND CHAD, I CAN'T TAKE THE SUSPENSE, MAKE OUT ALREADY.
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From an entry that I never made public in an old journal, an entire year ago: Camp Rock, you bet I watched it. )
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So I guess half the band is leaving Panic at the Disco, but I was sort of too busy watching Wizards of Waverly Place to pay a whole lot of attention to the immediate flail response. How did WoWP become my second favorite Disney show after JONAS? Why do I spend so many hours tuned into that channel? I don't know.

Speaking of JONAS, there were some pretty hilarious parts in last night's new episode. Also I might have spent my entire iTunes gift card from my aunt buying all the episodes they had for sale, so that I can watch them on my iPod. It's going to take a million years to finish the downloads. My poor computer is confused.

They never actually go to class on this show. Obviously D-channel did not want to spring for any more sets.
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I've only seen this one and a half times, and I don't remember if it's ever stated what grade the girls are in, so I just sort of guessed.

Also, Carter/Rosie. Because duh.

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