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I'm cracking up at Wednesday's fic stats: Equally happy and upset. Concerned with food but also with death. And religion. I didn't even work on the 'salem's Lot story!

Yesterday's stats are making me laugh even harder - I wrote about 50 words of Barry Allen telling Bruce Wayne to go to bed, some Brad and Ray talking about a lizard Ray used to own in the Pacific Rim AU, Brad making not-fun of Ray's burned face in a different GK story, Finn offering to help with droid maintenance, and Hannibal and Will talking about chickens (they are sort of obliquely discussing whether or not to remove from this earth the lizard that Will sees running around, so I guess it's sort of death-related? And why did I write so much about lizards yesterday?).

Speaking of food AND NOT LIZARDS, new snacks at the Ads arena: "Saz’s will offer beef brisket and barbecue pork sandwiches as well as a smoked honey turkey wrap. Side dishes will be cheese curds, mozzarella marinara sticks, sour cream and chive fries and a combo plate of all three sides." Meat sandwiches whatever, SOUR CREAM AND CHIVE FRIES FOREVER.

Still can't get my hair to Swinton appropriately but I am also not putting much effort into it. I think it would require more product than I want to deal with and probably finding my blow dryer. (I know I owned one a few years ago but rarely used it. Where is it? I don't know.)

Apparently The Great Wall is a trainwreck. I am not surprised. Upstairs Lady and I are hopefully going to see John Wick Ch. 2 this weekend - it's only taken us since last June to make movie plans. We were going to see the Bourne movie (for my birthday) but then I was so overwhelmingly upset about it that we did not. She said she'd go see the new Alien movie with me in May, though, so I won't be watching Fassbender be a cyborg alone and terrified.

This morning in my Nate Fick alert was this video from last April. I just... I could never meet real Nate in person because I would shake so hard I couldn't walk and it would be horribly embarrassing. (Also why I was so glad I didn't win the Matt+Ben Omaze thing. Someone would have had to carry me into the restaurant from the car, or else call an ambulance when I tripped over the curb. "I gave $500 to charity that I can't even deduct from my taxes and all I got was a trip to the hospital." [Note: I did not give them $500.])
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Looks like my LJ import was successful - after failing the first time because I couldn't remember what I changed my LJ password to last week. So many passwords! I know it's not safe to be that Old Person who carries a notebook with their passwords but I have SO MANY with so many character rules that I'm tempted to do it anyway.

Response to the GK acquire-a-child fic has been lovely - it's not a very busy fandom these days but it's definitely now my second longest-running fandom after DamonAffleck things (I just group those together into one lump fandom). I guess if you'd told me when I first read One Bullet Away ten years ago that I'd be writing fic about the author for years I... would've probably side-eyed you first but then sighed and accepted my fate, haha.

SPEAKING OF FATE: I'm currently doing a project where I brainstorm everything on my to-write list for this year, so that I'm forced to spend at least a little time figuring out what's left to write of the works in progress, or what's actually going to happen in the stuff I only have opening lines/paragraphs for, etc. And the Gotham thing I want to write is SO "fate vs. free will", even more than my usual fate vs. free will stories. Also there are five soulbond/soulmark stories on my list (so far). Peak me, I guess.


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