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From an entry that I never made public in an old journal, an entire year ago: Camp Rock, you bet I watched it. )
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Jonas Brothers songs I am addicted to this week: "Poison Ivy" and "Don't Speak".

Still stuck on "Tonight". WHY IS IT SO FREAKIN' CATCHY? Why are their faces so adorable?
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Today, I am going to talk about "Before the Storm", the song with Miley Cyrus from Lines, Vines & Trying Times. (Some of you will remember when I first heard the name of the album and went, "But what does that even mean?". Of course, now that I've listened to it, I see where the title's from. But it still doesn't make any standalone sense. Anyway.) You guys, I absolutely love "Before the Storm". Like, my page is ashamed of me right now, that's how much I love it.

I'm pretty sure Nick Jonas basically wrote it for Miley to sing - like, I enjoy Demi Lovato's voice, but she couldn't have sung this right, not the "standing out in the rain, need to know if it's over, 'cause I would leave you alone" line. I used to listen to a lot of old-school country music. Like, George Jones and Tammy Wynette duets old-school country music. And that is what I think of when I listen to this song.

Next topic!

Like I said to my mom yesterday, I have to give them credit for writing their own songs and playing a lot of their own instruments. It's not like a team of Swedish dudes is giving them pop songs especially crafted for maximum synchronized dance potential, thus ensuring thirteen year-olds will buy their lip gloss. (And guys, I had some of that *NSYNC lip gloss. Only the vanilla Justin one was okay.) Do I think some of their songs are complete cheese? Totally! But at least it's cheese they wrote themselves, and it will get stuck in your head and drive you crazy.

It's easy to write them off because of their audience and the fact that Disney basically owns them now. I have seen that audience, I have almost gotten crushed by that audience, and it's an audience you can't underestimate. This audience has the disposable income (read: allowance) to buy tote bags and giant buttons, and this audience has the parents who will buy the $40-$90-$insanity concert tickets both for their kids and themselves. It costs twice as much money to see Jonas Brothers now as it did in December of '07, immediately after they finished their leg of the Best of Both Worlds tour.

Also, confessing to your family that you actually sort of like the Jonas Brothers is pretty embarassing. Except my teenage sister immediately went to her poster stash from Bop and Tiger Beat so she could lay them out all over her bed and ask which ones I wanted. No, thanks, I'm not that crazy yet. But my sister cracks me up. When I took her to see them in concert a year and a half ago, she bought the tour poster and it's framed on her wall. Except she's taped Nick pictures to it, and poor Kevin's face is covered. Kevin: ignored!

Score so far: Jonas Brothers = 1, Lake = 0.

(Actual score is something like: Jonas Brothers = 233, Lake = 0.)
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Possibly the best Kevin Jonas picture ever, IDK. )

And yes, I am including in the meaning of "ever" the picture where he's wearing the "Team Demi and Selena" shirt.
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[personal profile] rsadelle: Jonases genderswap, or just crossdressing?
Me: Dude, genderswap, yes! Someone wakes up a girl.
[personal profile] rsadelle: If it's Kevin, it can make him realize he's gay. If it's Joe, it would just be wackiness. And if it's Nick, maybe he doesn't notice.
Me: "Then there was the time that Nick woke up a girl, but it took approximately twelve hours for anyone at all to notice. But to be fair, it took about three hours before he even noticed it himself."
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