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What's been happening since my last post? Let's see... well, not much. The problem with Dunkirk is that I vaguely want to write fic, but I overwhelmingly do not want to do the WW2 research, at least right now. So instead I read some niche pairing One Direction fic and called it a day: rec (SFW), rec (SFW), rec (NSFW), rec (probably NSFW), and rec (definitely NSFW).

Writing check-in for today. I wrote 2,444 in the past week, \o/. The end is now in sight for my The Nice Guys story - my goal for the month was to at minimum get it to 3k, which I sailed past yesterday once I finally maneuvered the characters into the right place to get it on, and I wrote the actual ending line so have only to finish the NSFW bit and it's done. Of course, I did that instead of watching Once a Thief, so Thursday I'll be getting caught up on that, and maybe Friday I'll go to Panera for dinner and write the rest of the NG story.

GOALS, I haz them, but IDK about motivation. (Actually, I'm excited to finish this fic and keep my Small Fandoms Summer rolling into Fall.)

Last week at work when we cleaned out an old storage closet, I claimed a bunch of investigation training materials from 70's, on the off-chance that I will write some sort of novel involving these ideas some day, and I just realized it might be useful for writing another The Nice Guys story eventually. Good job, past!me.

I slept so hard last night - presumably crashing after the stress of going to the dentist - that I didn't even hear my alarm and woke up ten minutes later than usual, but somehow made it to work exactly on time. My co-worker (who I'd warned I was running behind) was impressed. I have reached an age where I need to go to bed much earlier than I did in my (not wild, really boring) youth, and I'm annoyed at this but I'm still trying. So far this week I've got two nights of completely blowing past my bedtime and last night of getting to bed fifteen minutes early. Note to self: you can't stay up late just because you took a nap, or else you end up in a bad cycle of napping/staying up late/napping because of it.

Went to see Atomic Blonde over the weekend - did not realize Charlize's young German contact was Bill Skarsgaard until the end!! I always laugh when James McAvoy does his "they only cast me because I'm cheaper than Ewan McGregor" shtick, because he was great in that role.
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After seeing Dunkirk on Sunday I basically laid in bed instead of sleeping for the next two nights and thought about it, so I went again yesterday since it was $5 Tuesday and I could see it in the fancy DolbyAtmos theater - which, I have to say, was not any better sound than at the Regal I saw it at in Illinois, huh. The overall sound is still amazing, though, and that sound team deserves all the awards. I do want to know if the metronome was part of Zimmer's score or a Nolan thing or what - for almost all of Tommy's parts there's a ticking in the background (that the music in other parts still kind of carries on) and when he falls asleep on the train almost at the end, it stops. The first time I didn't notice it until it stopped, but this time I paid attention to how often it was used (a lot) and it's very effective. I will say that it helped to read the screenplay before seeing it again - there was some dialogue I couldn't make out the first time.

Award for best acting with just your eyeballs: Too bad this doesn't exist so they can give it to Tom Hardy.

Then I emailed myself a couple hundred words of fic, but it's painfully bad. (My original thoughts for this idea involve way more work than I want to do so I'm just going to email myself the bits I want to exist and wave my hand in an "I don't care about you" manner at the rest of it and if it never sees the light of AO3, whatever.)

Yesterday there was a crew doing some mudjacking outside the PD so there were random shirtless dudes with jackhammers and hoses here for about forty-five minutes and basically my entire department stopped what we were doing and watched.

Once a Thief rewatch: The pilot movie is exactly as cheezy and ridiculous as I remembered it. I also couldn't believe I remembered so much of it BUT I did watch it a lot in college. According to Wayback Machine, the one fic I wrote was sometime before 2003, and also it's in first person. Why, past Molly, why?

Tonight, Vertigo with my dad. And I think tomorrow I might go see A Ghost Story, since it doesn't seem to be moving to any other theaters and the only Friday night showtime is at 9:45 at night - no thanks. Then I have Friday off from work! One last vacation day before School Insanity Begins.
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Dunkirk (the Christopher Nolan remix). )

We did not make it to Atomic Blonde but maybe next weekend. Also out next weekend is The Dark Tower, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I am excite.

My dad and I have been watching ~classic~ movies on Wednesday nights since hockey ended - so far we've done The Conversation (Coppola), The Parallax View (Pakula), the Gus van Sant color remake of Psycho (not a classic but my dad wanted to see it - this wasn't our best choice), and Hitchcock's Torn Curtain and The Birds. (We went to see Baby Driver the week my sister was at sleep-away camp.) Oh man, The Birds. Where is the rewrite where Mitch dies saving Cathy (why is there such a huge age difference between these siblings? I HAVE QUESTIONS, HITCH) and Melanie gets together with Annie? I need it. I might ask for this for Yuletide and if I don't get it, I would possibly write it myself.
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This August, [personal profile] rsadelle and I are finally going to power through that 90's fan favorite: Once a Thief. Both of us purchased the DVD set when it was released, watched a few episodes, and never finished. (I'm sure we got distracted by other, more contemporary things? Possibly this was something I planned on finishing while I was on medical leave but then I just watched all of Futurama and half of Arrow instead. Speaking of: I need to finish Arrow one of these days, too.) Anyway, if you'd like to join us in watching Ivan Sergei be confused, Sandrine Holt by annoyed, and Nick Lea be grumpy, here's a tumblr post with details and a sign-up link.

So far no one has signed up but us buuuuuuuuuuuuut I remain optimistic.

Currently I'm watching Daredevil (the show) because I keep thinking that I want to write Matt/Foggy one of these days (or Matt/Foggy/Karen!), so I need to wrap that up before this OaT extravaganza starts.

Went to see Spiderman: Homecoming yesterday and it was delightful. I remain baffled by how much Tom Holland (still?) looks like Jamie Bell.
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There's only one dude in the whole movie and it's Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman bathes him for like ten minutes and then they kill him? SIGN ME UP. The Beguiled. )

I also went to see Baby Driver with my dad last week. It was fun but not 97% RT score great? SPOILERS. )

I came in to work at 4AM this morning - I got to bed really early, but then woke up around eleven and couldn't fall back asleep, and just laid there watching Midsomer Murders for a while - so I'm really dragging AND there's some fire alarm testing happening so shit keeps beeping, ugh.

There's no Tour de France today so I might just go watch more Midsomer Murders.
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The Mummy wasn't the world's best cinema but it was a fairly decent summer action movie, and deserves better than the TIED RATING on Rotten Tomatoes with the terrible new Transformers movie. (The consensus on RT is that it "lacks the campy fun of the franchise's most recent entries". IT'S NOT THE SAME FRANCHISE!!!) Anyway, spoilers for those who care. )
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Penalty box update: Adam Pardy in full gear on skates is just Too Large. TOO LARGE. (Earlier this season I was at a game with P. & someone behind us was like, "That guy is huge!" like they were just so astounded by his size so now we say it to each other whenever Pardy's on the ice. But yes: huge.) Then we lost in a terribly over-the-top fashion but the team gave Pards an A so he can be an Official Team Dad and I 100% approve of this choice. (Apparently when he was out with the broken arm he acted as an unofficial coach, so yes, Team Dad.) Also great in the game: Douchebag Creepster was nowhere to be seen, hallelujah.

Going from my seat to hang out with A. for the third period, I found myself walking behind our usual starting goalie in the hallway, holding his daughter. Dear Maz: Excellent suit choice, and your kid is super adorbs. The game by that point was a mess they were never going to recover from, so we just took a million pictures of our faves on the bench instead.

I am upset to say that I am not optimistic about playoffs since it's Grand Rapids again but I will take any and all games the universe would like to give me with Large Team Dad and his vaguely gingery beard before he's gone.

The Fate of the Furious no-spoiler review: The first half was Not Good. Then it got 100% ridonkuballs and I forgot about it not being good. 100% of their problems in that movie could have been solved if they'd [done a thing] in [previous installment]. Then it made me cry, twice.

Charlize Theron overall: I am unsure about these choices.

Helen Mirren: Delightful.

Also, I think I 'ship Deckard/Hobbs now. And Roman/Scott Eastwood's unnamed character. I really did not expect to come out of that movie wanting to write fic about The Rock and Jason Statham. This is now two Jason Statham characters I would possibly write fic about (the other being his Expendables character). I can't believe I'm putting this one my Yuletide list.

We got a flat tire coming back from the theater, which neither my dad nor I realized was flat-flat until he was dropping me off and I looked at the tires to see if one was actually low (since he did get a low pressure alert). So between the two of us we got the spare on while my sister just sat in the backseat.

The air pressure in my building is so insane we can barely get the door open back here by the PD, and today it makes a high-pitched feedback noise whenever anyone opens it. This can't be good.
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I'm cracking up at Wednesday's fic stats: Equally happy and upset. Concerned with food but also with death. And religion. I didn't even work on the 'salem's Lot story!

Yesterday's stats are making me laugh even harder - I wrote about 50 words of Barry Allen telling Bruce Wayne to go to bed, some Brad and Ray talking about a lizard Ray used to own in the Pacific Rim AU, Brad making not-fun of Ray's burned face in a different GK story, Finn offering to help with droid maintenance, and Hannibal and Will talking about chickens (they are sort of obliquely discussing whether or not to remove from this earth the lizard that Will sees running around, so I guess it's sort of death-related? And why did I write so much about lizards yesterday?).

Speaking of food AND NOT LIZARDS, new snacks at the Ads arena: "Saz’s will offer beef brisket and barbecue pork sandwiches as well as a smoked honey turkey wrap. Side dishes will be cheese curds, mozzarella marinara sticks, sour cream and chive fries and a combo plate of all three sides." Meat sandwiches whatever, SOUR CREAM AND CHIVE FRIES FOREVER.

Still can't get my hair to Swinton appropriately but I am also not putting much effort into it. I think it would require more product than I want to deal with and probably finding my blow dryer. (I know I owned one a few years ago but rarely used it. Where is it? I don't know.)

Apparently The Great Wall is a trainwreck. I am not surprised. Upstairs Lady and I are hopefully going to see John Wick Ch. 2 this weekend - it's only taken us since last June to make movie plans. We were going to see the Bourne movie (for my birthday) but then I was so overwhelmingly upset about it that we did not. She said she'd go see the new Alien movie with me in May, though, so I won't be watching Fassbender be a cyborg alone and terrified.

This morning in my Nate Fick alert was this video from last April. I just... I could never meet real Nate in person because I would shake so hard I couldn't walk and it would be horribly embarrassing. (Also why I was so glad I didn't win the Matt+Ben Omaze thing. Someone would have had to carry me into the restaurant from the car, or else call an ambulance when I tripped over the curb. "I gave $500 to charity that I can't even deduct from my taxes and all I got was a trip to the hospital." [Note: I did not give them $500.])
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Saturday's fic stats, again appropriate for what I worked on (the lead-up to a sex scene in one of the Bond stories). Yesterday I was less motivated since the whole day was just a countdown to when I could go back to bed to begin my crazy week, so part of my count for yesterday was Wallander notes: Sunday's stats.

I watched Inferno yesterday, which was no less ridiculous as the other Langdon movies, but sadly it lacked the odd sweetness that The DaVinci Code has, and the outrageousness of Angels & Demons (which IMO remains the most completely whack of the books/movies, plot-wise, and nothing in this one even came close to the unhinged performances of Paul Bettany or Ewan McGregor.) Also, the ending's changed from the book from something unexpected to something that the filmmakers probably figured works better for movie audiences, but the ending of the book was probably the best part of a doorstop that otherwise read like Dan Brown's Tour of Italy. WHY HOLLYWOOD WHY. Also, what blackmail does Ron Howard have on Tom Hanks to convince him to keep starring in these?

BAFTAs: Aaaaaaah, Dev Patel! \o/

Now I am at work! I have 13 hours of overtime this week and I'm sure by the end of Friday I'll be ready to roll into bed and not move for like a day. Cha-ching! Just kidding, I am already ready to roll into bed and I have eight more hours to go. (I do have 177/750 words in so far, at least.)
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I made it to Silence! I was worried that Andrew Garfield crying would mean I'd start crying but instead I spent 70% of the movie being delighted by the evolution of his hair (so full of secrets!!), 20% being bored, 5% being intrigued about what happened to Liam Neeson, and 5% being unsure that Liam Neeson was actually the best casting. (Which I feel almost bad about saying because it's Liam Neeson!)

Someday, Andrew Garfield will be in a movie that is as visually beautiful as this one but is actually delightful, as opposed to his entire filmography of things that are either upsetting or Spider-man. (I haven't seen 99 Homes but I am sure it's not delightful. Ditto Hacksaw Ridge, which I will probably watch once it's on the HBO app but refuse to pay for.)

I'm up to "The Mysterious Affair at Styles" in Poirot and Haaaaaaaaastiiiiiiiiiiiiings. (Also, I need the story where Poirot and Hastings hook up immediately in Belgium.)
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