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Final GK story from last week, the time-travel bedsharing Nate/Brad: please wait here, your future self will meet you shortly

Saw my neurologist on Monday, and he was his usual entitled white dude self, ugh. I was a grown-up and confessed the last two weeks' back spasms and he said they're probably spinal nerves having drama about being less compressed than they'd been for the last however many years, and he put me on tizanidine (finally, after offering me the option before I had surgery [which I declined], but my hyper reflexia hasn't improved) and then I was grumpy all day about the whole thing. Took one around 7 the first night to see how it would make me feel - tired, mostly, and I went to bed really early. Yesterday morning and this morning I felt like I'd been run over when I woke up. If this is a side effect, I disapprove. But I think my back feels a little better today so far - we'll see how long the better feeling lasts.

Yuletide aaaaah: I did my nominations, and someone on one of the comms was also nominating Northern Exposure so we could get eight separate characters in. I'm not entirely sure I want to offer NX, but I change my mind on that almost daily.

Checking the nominations spreadsheet, looks like other folks got in Atomic Blonde and Baby Driver so far. I feel like Atomic Blonde comes out on DVD too late for it to be something I'd feel okay offering, but I did put it on my "things to maybe write for random treats if there's time" list.
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What's been happening since my last post? Let's see... well, not much. The problem with Dunkirk is that I vaguely want to write fic, but I overwhelmingly do not want to do the WW2 research, at least right now. So instead I read some niche pairing One Direction fic and called it a day: rec (SFW), rec (SFW), rec (NSFW), rec (probably NSFW), and rec (definitely NSFW).

Writing check-in for today. I wrote 2,444 in the past week, \o/. The end is now in sight for my The Nice Guys story - my goal for the month was to at minimum get it to 3k, which I sailed past yesterday once I finally maneuvered the characters into the right place to get it on, and I wrote the actual ending line so have only to finish the NSFW bit and it's done. Of course, I did that instead of watching Once a Thief, so Thursday I'll be getting caught up on that, and maybe Friday I'll go to Panera for dinner and write the rest of the NG story.

GOALS, I haz them, but IDK about motivation. (Actually, I'm excited to finish this fic and keep my Small Fandoms Summer rolling into Fall.)

Last week at work when we cleaned out an old storage closet, I claimed a bunch of investigation training materials from 70's, on the off-chance that I will write some sort of novel involving these ideas some day, and I just realized it might be useful for writing another The Nice Guys story eventually. Good job, past!me.

I slept so hard last night - presumably crashing after the stress of going to the dentist - that I didn't even hear my alarm and woke up ten minutes later than usual, but somehow made it to work exactly on time. My co-worker (who I'd warned I was running behind) was impressed. I have reached an age where I need to go to bed much earlier than I did in my (not wild, really boring) youth, and I'm annoyed at this but I'm still trying. So far this week I've got two nights of completely blowing past my bedtime and last night of getting to bed fifteen minutes early. Note to self: you can't stay up late just because you took a nap, or else you end up in a bad cycle of napping/staying up late/napping because of it.

Went to see Atomic Blonde over the weekend - did not realize Charlize's young German contact was Bill Skarsgaard until the end!! I always laugh when James McAvoy does his "they only cast me because I'm cheaper than Ewan McGregor" shtick, because he was great in that role.
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Complete P*rnathon 2017: Extended Editions - some are longer versions of what was turned in for the challenge, others are as-is. I got better about writing things that fit in the word count requirements as the weeks went on! It was nice to challenge myself to write something small instead of epic for once and I enjoyed the experience.

After like two weeks of exhaustion I finally realized that I'm probably low on B12, and started taking it again on Friday. I basically just need to remember I don't really eat enough meat to provide what I probably need, and take the supplement. Then after trying to address my tiredness I had a really hard time falling asleep Sunday night and last night. C'mon, body, get with it.

Wrapping up July's writing goals: I need to add 330 words to my TFA story, and 345 and 595 words to two separate Admirals stories that I still haven't completely given up on, to make all of my (very minimal for these projects) word count goals for July.

August goals: I'm giving myself a break for August since we're doing the Once a Thief rewatch and putting only a few things on my to-do list, plus I figure I'll probably end up writing some OaT fic. And speaking of 90's fandoms, yesterday I very desperately wanted to rewrite the first few episodes of The X-Files with either genderswapped Fox and Samantha, or trade their places (which I know has been done as a comic), but I don't have time for those shenanigans right now. (I had to eat my hamburger and take a nap!)

Have yet to finish Daredevil, mostly because I got distracted reading a bunch of Jo Nesbo novels because I wanted to know spoilers for The Snowman, the trailer for which was too scary for me to see the movie without knowing the killer in advance. But it's only the 25th! I still have a few days to finish S1 at least. I remain forever delighted that Elden Henson is even in this show. (Long-time pals will likely remember he was The Beef's co-worker/friend/fellow war reenactor in The Battle of Shaker Heights.)
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The Wilco show I went to was amazing: Not only did I have a great seat just in general, but the two rows in front of me stayed in their seats for everything but the final encore, so when everyone else stood up for the first encore, there was absolutely nothing obstructing my view of the whole stage. Except Jeff blocking my view of Glenn, but I could live with that because they kept smiling at each other and I love them.

This show was the first time I saw most of Wilco. It was supposed to be a Minus 5 show, and I'd gotten into them via REM - it was one of Peter Buck's side projects, and their most recent release was a collaboration with Wilco, so I at least knew who Jeff Tweedy was, but somehow wasn't expecting nearly the entire band to be playing this show. I went with my IRL popslash friend, who was definitely a Wilco fan, and we were both like, "Is that - Jeff Tweedy?", and we were close enough that there was some awkward eye contact. (We went to a a lot of concerts during those years, things I would have never gone to alone, and I will always be grateful for her friendship.) Several months later, she showed me I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, an A+ beautiful documentary about the making of "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot", and that hooked me. I remember wanting to run right out and buy my own copy, but it was Thanksgiving and everything was closed.

Anyway, I hadn't seen Wilco since I did all the Residency shows in 2008, so nearly ten years. I am just Too Tired to deal with General Admission shows that aren't guaranteed to be a very small audience (so like, the last time I saw Empires in Milwaukee where we basically ate pizza the whole time), so my concert attendance the last few years has decreased dramatically. Alas! Now I want pizza.

Going to see The Mummy tonight with Upstairs Lady, since no one else I know wants to see it, and I want to see Russell Crowe get all evil and Sofia Boutella destroy shit. I might take a nap first though, since it's a 7:30 show and I usually put my pajamas on at like five in the afternoon in anticipation of doing nothing until I finally make myself go to bed. (Dear self: Maybe you should be an adult and try going to sleep earlier at night, you might be less of a zombie in the mornings.)

ETA recent fanfictions:
how the heart bends (GenKill, Nate/Brad, NSFW.)
On the Board (Ocean's 11, Danny/Rusty, NSFW.)
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We're back at [personal profile] rsadelle's house and enjoying the not-doing-much portion of vacation (basically just enjoying not having to go to work). I finished the assignment for the porn-writing challenge I signed up for, although I have to snip out the actual porn to turn in since it ended up much longer than the word count maximum. I also wrote often found over sandy flats, in which Brad Colbert is a shark. This is all the aquarium's fault!

I just checked and apparently I've written GK fic every June for the last three years. Ah, forever fandom. Clearly what happens is: the Admirals' season ends and I go "What should I do now? Ah, GK."

Hopefully tomorrow I can write on the plane, and then just collapse in my bed with the cats when I get home. Wednesday need to go renew my driver's license, and Thursday I go back to work for a partial day before going to the dentist. Then this weekend I'm going to see Wilco, aaaaah! I haven't been to a Wilco show in almost ten years.
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the best of interventions: Tyler Kelleher/Jack Dougherty, in which Kelly wakes up a girl (the first problem), then discovers his backup plan has an actual crush on him (the second problem). Admirals Man of the Year Jack Dougherty comes to his rescue.

I was going to wait to post this until after my Fandom5k story went up but really, what's the difference. My posting goal for the year is now up to 49% complete! And April isn't even over yet!
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I am incredibly amused that posting methods very clearly led a few people to will the universe last forever. I see you, people who clicked "Adam Payerl" as a tag.

I would best describe that story as "mostly platonic kneeling - on a bus", which is not entirely what I thought I was going to do when I texted [personal profile] anniejd11 a few weeks ago "If I want to write fic about someone kneeling for Granberg who would it be?". My plan wasn't exactly Granberg getting the assist on Richard actually kneeling for someone else. I guess it's not me if it's not a little weird.

Going to Rockford tonight for an away game - somehow I've never been to Rockford for a game before! Also this is the first away game I've gone to all season. Our one previous trip to Rosemont was for the Wolves' Star Wars night and the opposing team was someone else I don't even remember, probably Iowa.

Looking back at my AO3 history, this is 100% the time of year I write random fic about this team, although usually I don't finish this much of it. (Me to me: Just start earlier next season so you're not disappointed that the season is over when you're actually still in the mood to write about these dorks.) Playoffs start next week: aaaaaaaah I don't want us to play Grand Rapids again.

And then it will be summer and time for my annual Generation Kill renaissance.

Also in checking AO3: Hey, I have posted seven things already this year, which is as many as I posted ALL of last year! Still have to post another 40k by the end of the year to make my word count goal - fandom5k will knock out at least 5k by the end of this month, and wrapping up the almost done Bond story will be at least 10k, so I should be past the halfway point before June. The first weekend in May I'm going to Door County with P. - one last hurrah before a Tiny Hooman arrives in July - so I'm planning to finish the Bond story that trip if I haven't already.
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more capable of anything (Jack Dougherty/Trevor Murphy/Vladislav Kamenev), aka threesome frottage with some very minor cross-dressing - YAY, I CAN WRITE AGAIN. Waiting for my brain to reboot back to writing-mode after being sick is the worst. Also, who are all the people who have read this already? WHO ARE YOU, MYSTERY READERS?

I'm up to 21k words posted so far for 2017, which puts me right on target with my adjusted overall 2017 goal of 60,000 words posted. \o/ Fandom5k story is moving along - slowly, but it's moving - I am at 20% complete and I hope to be at 50% by the end of the weekend. (It's not a fandom I've written in before so I'm a little apprehensive, but the kinks requested were right in my wheelhouse. Also, I'm doing it in past tense which I something I only do about once a year, so that's tripping me up just a bit as well.) I just had to look up the etymology of a word I don't think was used in the year this fandom takes place, so there's also a new-to-me research component to this. Here is the online etymology dictionary I'm using - quite helpful so far.

MCW: Can I share?
Me: Okay.
MCW: *puts his cold hands around the bare part of my arm*

Yesterday I mentally planned out a Choose Your Own Pornventure story in which Adam Pardy wasn't injured, he just woke up a woman, and the team puts up a sign-up sheet for volunteers to bang him back into being a dude. I LOVE TROPES. I will probably not write this but I have learned I can never say I'll never write something because then five minutes later I have 500 words of it.
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I have two Google alerts left for (former) hockey players (Mike Richards and Ryan Whitney, of course), and when this article showed up in the Whits one I thought, oh, it is probably just some old picture of Whits on some Edmonton opinion piece about Taylor Hall. No, it is Whits and Hallsy on a podcast and Ryan Whitney actually says words that are "It’s kind of like why I really fell in love with Hallsy" and please just leave me here on the floor. (I haven't listened to the actual podcast yet but I really don't need to get sucked back in to some sort of Ryan Whitney spiral.)

While at my dad's on Wednesday night he was like, "There's a Blackhawks game on tonight! Do you want to watch some of it with me?" and while I really didn't want to look at the Blackhawks at all, he was so excited about watching some hockey together that I stayed for the first period (v. the Penguins) so that I could secretly cheer for Justin Schultz. I did have to explain the whole P. Kane thing. :-( Also my dad for some reason was all up on the Patrick Eaves trade...?

While watching we were discussing political things and I ended up having to read my dad some crap on Timothy McVeigh because for some reason he thought the bomb did too much damage to be a bomb a dude could drive in with a truck. Nah, Dad, it was seven thousand tons of fertilizer, it's gonna really fuck shit up.

During the intermission before I left, he turned on NHL Tonight and they were talking about the Kings picking up Iginla to play with Kopitar. I might have sobbed, "I remember when they got Mike Richards to play with Kopitar!!" and basically fled out into the snowstorm.

P-side yesterday:
Risk management guy: I guess I'll go mingle with the public for an hour.
Me: But WHY?!!?

Fic stats for Wednesday, yesterday. YAY NEW BADGES. Yesterday I wrote about 500 words of something that might be part of my fic exchange story, but also might remain practice. I need to watch a bunch of movies before I really get moving on it.
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Discussion with Goopy-cat yesterday morning:

me: I know the alarm is going off but it will shut up in one minute and I am just going to stay here for a tiny bit longer
Goopy: *touches my shoulder* hooman your alarm
me: I know
Goopy: hooman are you okay
me: ssssh, the bed is nice and warm
Goopy: *puts paw on face so I will turn over* hooman you must go to work

Then I turned over and hugged him so he was happy before I got up - usually I am always getting yelled at to come back to bed so him being concerned that I wasn't getting up was extra cute.

Here are some of my terrible AHL children eating frozen custard. (The nice ones, not the actual terrible ones who are all UFA after this season so I am hoping they will leave and never return.)

Fic stats for Monday and fic stats for yesterday: Yesterday really doesn't count since it was 90% editing what I did on Monday (remember when I said if I was writing Ads fic this season it would be about Freddy? it's that, but it may remain unfinished forever, we'll see).

Word counts check-in for the last week: Pretty good. I have written way more of the Wallander story than I told myself I needed to - there's a "goals" column that's not in the picture where I just guessed at the word counts I could get all my projects to by the end of February and my goal for that fic was only to write a 100-word beginning - and it's not at all the sort of story I started out wanting to do when I added it to my "write someday!" list (in 2012 [?!?!] when I wrote the other Wallander story), so I need to do some re-planning. (I have said this about four times now, this weekend I definitely have to sit down with the show and decide for real where this story fits in.)

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Saturday's fic stats, again appropriate for what I worked on (the lead-up to a sex scene in one of the Bond stories). Yesterday I was less motivated since the whole day was just a countdown to when I could go back to bed to begin my crazy week, so part of my count for yesterday was Wallander notes: Sunday's stats.

I watched Inferno yesterday, which was no less ridiculous as the other Langdon movies, but sadly it lacked the odd sweetness that The DaVinci Code has, and the outrageousness of Angels & Demons (which IMO remains the most completely whack of the books/movies, plot-wise, and nothing in this one even came close to the unhinged performances of Paul Bettany or Ewan McGregor.) Also, the ending's changed from the book from something unexpected to something that the filmmakers probably figured works better for movie audiences, but the ending of the book was probably the best part of a doorstop that otherwise read like Dan Brown's Tour of Italy. WHY HOLLYWOOD WHY. Also, what blackmail does Ron Howard have on Tom Hanks to convince him to keep starring in these?

BAFTAs: Aaaaaaah, Dev Patel! \o/

Now I am at work! I have 13 hours of overtime this week and I'm sure by the end of Friday I'll be ready to roll into bed and not move for like a day. Cha-ching! Just kidding, I am already ready to roll into bed and I have eight more hours to go. (I do have 177/750 words in so far, at least.)
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Still hanging in there for the 750words challenge. The last couple days haven't been the greatest inspiration-wise, so I finally took that "stop what you're doing and add one line to your works in progress" tumblr post to heart and have been rotating through my twenty (WHY DO I HAVE TWENTY?) projects in order and adding at least one line/paragraph to each. Some have only gotten a single sentence, but others have gotten a hundred words or so. Today I added to seven of them to get to 750. By noon! I guess my check-in for February is going to be that I worked on ALL of my wips! Here is how the site categorizes my writing for today, which is correct and true for probably most of my writing days, haha.

New comment on one of my hockey stories: "Mike Richards should always have nice things"
Me: *SOBS*
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westward the ocean - 'salem's Lot, mostly gen unless you want to read more into it, mostly missing scenes from the prologue.

Annual writing goals update: up to 3/5 different fandoms and 17870/50000 words. Not bad for only the 3rd of February!

On my last ridiculous workday for this week and I'm supposed to go to an Admirals game tonight - it starts at seven and I'm afraid I will have totally passed out asleep by then. I guess if I can get in a decent nap after work and not feel super groggy, I'll go. I just wish it wasn't so freakin' cold out. WHY WINTER WHY.
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me: oh no I have to work 90000000 hours when will I find time to write my 750 words a day?
also me: *writes a 2,000 word story in two days*

This is the 'salem's Lot thing I started yesterday, and while I like writing long and involved stories, sometimes I wonder if I lost the ability to write something that doesn't end up long and involved (unintentionally!) along the way. (I did still have to research gas stations in the 70's, air conditioning in the 70's, the Citroën, and make at least an attempt at a Stephen King pastiche.) It needs a punctuation edit so I haven't posted it yet, but probably tonight/tomorrow.

I'm not sure writing this has really scratched my itch for 'salem's Lot fic but *cough* do I really need to be the person who writes actual Ben/Mark? (This one is barely any more Ben/Mark than King himself gets - there's a lot of crying, hugging, and declaring of love in the book.) (Perhaps I should note that Mark turns thirteen during the year he and Ben are away from the town although I would probably skip ahead at least a few years.) The answer to this question is probably: yes, yes I do need to be that person. There's still that nacho bar in hell, right?
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So part of what I had to finish for the Begin Again poly story was the song Gretta leaves for Dan at the end. The notebook was much easier to find than I thought (past me left it on the coffee table for current me!) but it seemed I wasn't done with the actual song. Well, what the hell, I thought, I might as well pretend it's a real song and dick around on my mandolin while I figure the rest of it.

The first version was very much "Puff the Magic Dragon" and I laughed really hard at that.

Then I tried something else and while it's still junk, it did let me get the lyrics into shape. And it's now stuck in my head. I guess even if it is a rowboat fandom I'm still happy to have wrapped up the story - does it bother anyone else to have fairly large unfinished stories sitting there incomplete? (Hence my eternal angst re: the Adjustment Bureau AU.) My next-largest unfinished thing is a DCEU Alfred+Bruce found family story, but I think I'm going to work on Bond stuff.

I took a twitter hiatus this week, and while I'm not sure how long this hiatus will continue, I got a LOT of other stuff done. I finished several books, I got a lot of mandolin practice in, I got a decent amount of writing done. This also means I've needed a place to dump my thoughts, hence actually getting in an entry every day so far!

This afternoon's plans are to get to Hidden Figures, after trying last weekend and finding it sold out at every theater we checked. Which was a surprise but I'm glad people want to see it.
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About an hour after I got to work this morning I realized everything from my collarbones to the base of my skull had seized up and was sore, for no reason that I could tell. Usually if I sleep funny I can feel it right away and the hot shower gets rid of most of it, but since this didn't start until a couple hours after I got up - who knows? A few Advil have at least dulled the pain.

WIPs update: The Adjustment Bureau AU has officially been set aside for now and I'm working on finishing up the Begin Again polyamory story I started when the movie came out, then ran out of steam on when it left theaters and I couldn't go see it twice a week (and got distracted by other stuff). Except I forgot the end of this is a goodbye scene and I'm already emotional from all the Joe Biden posts on tumblr and I'm going to make myself cry, shit.

Additional note: For the 97th time, I have forgotten in which notebook I wrote the fake song lyrics that are supposed to end this story. (It is legitimately terrible how many times I have forgotten where that notebook is, which I guess is what I get for never adding it to GDocs in the three years I've been writing this.)

Anyway, I should probably be posting it sometime this weekend or Monday (yay, three-day weekend!).

Milwaukee - or rather Nashville - just traded one of the French Fries so I am :( about that. It looks like they got Cody MacLeod for Felix (noooooo Felix was great why would you take him awaaaaaaaay) but why are they trading a 22 year-old for a 32 year-old? IF YOU WANTED A 32 YEAR-OLD WE COULD HAVE HAD MIKE RICHARDS!!!!!
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I have entirely too many Good Will Hunting stories, somehow? And I don't know enough about the construction business to figure out what path Chuckie takes, especially in the one set about fifteen years after the end of the movie. This is going to end with me having to read a book about construction company management for a Chuckie/Morgan story no one will read, sigh.

I probably have too many "no one will read these" stories in general, but oh well. If I don't have an actual fandom right now then I'm going to write all this bizarre stuff that's been on my to-do list for forever.

My dad didn't believe I know all the words to Jenny Lewis' "Rabbit Fur Coat", which means now I have to put my money where my mouth is and actually sing the whole thing in my terrible singing voice some day when he's got his guitar out. So I got my mandolin out - I have failed at practicing for months mostly because I didn't want my neighbors to hear my struggles through the open windows but it's definitely winter now so I have no excuse - and looked up the guitar tab. Ta-da, it's only four chords and it's chords I can play! I am just not good at all with the strumming stuff.

It's winter semester at Pside and today was possibly the most boring so far. Tomorrow I will have to find work things to do.
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Looks like my LJ import was successful - after failing the first time because I couldn't remember what I changed my LJ password to last week. So many passwords! I know it's not safe to be that Old Person who carries a notebook with their passwords but I have SO MANY with so many character rules that I'm tempted to do it anyway.

Response to the GK acquire-a-child fic has been lovely - it's not a very busy fandom these days but it's definitely now my second longest-running fandom after DamonAffleck things (I just group those together into one lump fandom). I guess if you'd told me when I first read One Bullet Away ten years ago that I'd be writing fic about the author for years I... would've probably side-eyed you first but then sighed and accepted my fate, haha.

SPEAKING OF FATE: I'm currently doing a project where I brainstorm everything on my to-write list for this year, so that I'm forced to spend at least a little time figuring out what's left to write of the works in progress, or what's actually going to happen in the stuff I only have opening lines/paragraphs for, etc. And the Gotham thing I want to write is SO "fate vs. free will", even more than my usual fate vs. free will stories. Also there are five soulbond/soulmark stories on my list (so far). Peak me, I guess.
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Joining the crowd posting Yuletide reveals here: Under my usual Yuletide pseud of Addison R., I wrote Films About Ghosts. It's an epilogue to Last Night, which is a 2010 drama starring Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, Eva Mendes, and the French guy who is Marion Cotillard's partner (his name is Guillaume Canet and he's lovely). And yes, the title is a line from a Counting Crows song. I felt a little ridiculous for that, but the song really worked for this story (in my head).

[ profile] vinylroad and I were actually matched on Stop-Loss, and the other two fandoms were also things I could have written. This was the first year I'd ever had so much choice in what I could write, and did watch both The Debt and Terminator: Salvation before deciding for sure that the Last Night story was what I wanted to write. I'm a little convinced that [ profile] vinylroad's intention was to make their author into a Sam Worthington fangirl, and honestly, it wasn't a hard job. I do enjoy his face quite a bit.

I received An afterglow for you by [ profile] sabrina_il, which is a series of Hanna vignettes about the women in Erik Heller's life. Which is all yay, because 1) Erik Heller! and 2) lady characters!. I was very pleased with it, especially because most Hanna fic is Hanna/Sophie and while I love the femslash, I really wanted to read something about Erik. [ profile] sabrina_il mentioned on her LJ that Erik's backstory in the movie is actually a huge freaking mess, so that makes me appreciate the story she wrote me even more. And now I need to watch the movie a thousand times so I can write my own fic. (Add that to my to-do list, right?)

Yuletide 2011: Success! \o/


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