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Wednesday-Wednesday writing check-in: 4,033 words. All of it is Generation Kill for the prompt fest - what I was working on for Day 5 got scrapped because I couldn't figure it out in the allotted time, so I just used the soulbond prompt to write an alternate scene for apres moi (a total cheat, really) and am working on a space AU for Day 6. There was a stretch in there where I didn't feel like doing anything at all and thought I really might not get to writing something for each day, but once I gave myself permission to do the alternate scene, I felt more in the writing mood.

Somehow I missed that there are Day 7 prompts. WHOOPS.

Today's Pressfield writing advice email is about writing scenes between all the characters (even if you don't use them all), which made me laugh - years and years ago (maybe in college? possibly even in high school but our internet connection was so slow then I can't imagine I would have downloaded any programs) I had a very simple text-based writing program where you'd list all your characters in a column of cells, then list them all again in a row of cells, and each intersecting box would expand into basically a Notepad document for you to write a scene containing those two characters. It was a very simple program and dead useful, and I still wish it existed.

Countdown to school starting: uuuuuuuugh. But on the other hand I am excited to start posting all these weird GK stories.
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Writing check-in (Wednesday-Wednesday): 5,210 words! Almost all of it weird GenKill stuff from prompts for the 'fest, but I'm pleased to say that I've written for four of the six days so far. This isn't what I expected to do this month - an unintentional GenKill renaissance, me? - but I'm enjoying it. I admit I'm a little less certain about what I have started for Day 5, mostly because of the logistics I'm going to have to figure out since it's not an AU, but we'll see. I also started Day 6 but it is 100% crack. :-D

[personal profile] anniejd11 and I are going to Vegas in January and we have now purchased all of our major items: hotel, flight, and tickets to the Golden Knights game. I haven't been to an NHL game in so long that the ticket price was total sticker shock, but I'm glad I looked and purchased this morning, because otherwise we'd be going to Vegas but not for the game, because tickets would be GONE. I did find a fairly decent airfare yesterday, at least. But we're all set to go, and we still have four months to pay off the credit card I put it all on before we even get on the plane.
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Visit with the dentist didn't go as bad as I was fearing it would - after not having gone for a very long time, I was a little worried I'd need a root canal or something, but I only have two cavities. And I do have to get the wisdom teeth removed eventually but they're cool with waiting until I can get on the better dental plan, as long as I can live with the occasional pain. I did figure out just in time what very basic dental plan I DO have, so the exam and the cleanings I'll be getting in August aren't going to cost me anything out of pocket.

One of my writing goals for 2017 was to try to write some shorter pieces, just to prove to myself that not everything has to be long and complicated, although I do love long and complicated. So far in the last two weeks I've finished three things under 2k! One was the shark story and the other two are the full pieces for [community profile] pornathon assignments, so one of those will go up next week and the other the week after, when voting closes.

Also finished the Texas Killing Fields threesome fic I've been working on since January: the age of the earth (4850 words, NC-17, Brian/Gwen/Mike) (That translates to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Annabeth Gish, and Sam Worthington. It's not a very good movie but it's got a lovely cast - Mike's ex-wife is Jessica Chastain.)

As I have only 8k to go before I make my 2017 word count goal, I wonder if I should up the number. I also need to figure out what to work on for Camp NaNoWriMo - maybe I'll brainstorm while I'm waiting for the Wilco show to start tomorrow night. (There are seats! I don't have to arrive five hours early!)
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Back in Wisconsin and back at work, alas! Although I am leaving early today - to go to the dentist, where I have no insurance because apparently Humana split medical and dental in 2015 and I never got dental coverage somehow? I have no memory of HR/Humana ever telling us this was happening. So I guess I will pay whatever for the exam and then see what happens (and probably sign up for dental during this year's open enrollment). I would just wimp out and cancel but I can't keep putting off finding out whatever's up with my wisdom teeth (b/c I'm pretty sure that's what this issue is).

Monterey Bay Aquarium's live shark cam. Shaaaaaaaaaaaaark caaaaaaaaaam. There is actually a human manning it, because they just talked and I nearly jumped out of my chair.

Filling out my word count check-in for the last week, I wrote about 4500 words, which would be good except I skipped the first June check-in since I didn't write anything at all. But I finally finished the rough draft of the Texas Killing Fields story (it's a totally out of character threesome) while in CA - something like twelve pages longhand that was the entire endgame sex scene. It definitely needs editing and I'll have to re-watch the movie while I do that, so maybe part tonight and part tomorrow night. I got like 0 hours of sleep last night being worried about the dentist so tonight I might just go home and completely crash instead of doing anything at all.
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WIPs doc was getting a little hard to wrangle so now I have two WIPs spreadsheets - one for the running list, sorted by media type, and one for all my monthly check-ins. Check-in for April: Not bad? I don't feel like I wrote almost eighteen thousand words. (This is a good thing, it's like training for NaNoWriMo.)

I have tried keeping project lists in the past but failed at updating them past February or so, so just keeping my spreadsheets up to date is a positive for me. My goal for May is to finish the Bond poly story FINALLY, hopefully finish the TKF story (both are at NSFW spots so I will probably go to Panera and work on them there because nothing works better for me when it comes to writing porn than writing it in public), and probably poke at the SFW Admirals things if I need something to do while at work.

So far this year I have posted 34,886 words of fic, so that's 58% of my 2017 goal. I have already posted two more pieces than I did last year in total, but last year was just weird in general due to MBA!Ray being the longest piece of fic I've ever finished.

Door County this weekend, yaaaaaaaaaay! Gonna buy some fancy liquor and read a book.
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Home team down 0/2 in the playoffs, stupid Grand Rapids. I was really, really hoping for something at least SLIGHTLY better than a repeat of last year's utter terribleness. Could you maybe not allow two empty net goals in the last minute, kids? Sigh.

Fic stats check-in for today. It appears I wrote 7k+ in a week, which is past "good" for me and more into "outrageous". Yesterday I didn't do anything but write, since I wanted to finish both the woke-up-a-girl story (it was very close to the end after I wrote 1200 words of NSFW bits while watching Game 1 at the bar Friday night and now it's done \o/) and my F5k story (it is now very close to the end since I added more than a thousand words to it yesterday, so today I'm working on rewriting the parts where I need to change tenses). IT WAS A LOT OF WRITING.

And I'm at work. Cha-ching, overtime money.
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Fic check-in for the 16th, not too shabby other than how I didn't plan on writing all this Admirals fic this month. Plan for today is to write another good chunk of my Fandom5k story after work so that by Sunday I can be done with the rough draft and can take advantage of our double monitor setup here at work to rewrite the sections I need to fix all the tenses in while I work an overtime shift. (Of course, now that I have made this my plan, there will be other things going on at work that day.)

Local man, 20, can't tell jokes but scores OT winner. (I was legitimately woken up this morning by a text that was nothing more than "KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN".)

We have to change our main campus login passwords to something overly long this week and I'm tempted to use "CTSmademedoit01" because it's so annoying. I've had the same computer login password here since 1999! It's the end of an era.
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Getting back on the wagon: Writing check-in for 4/9. Not too bad, since Thursday was the first day this month that I really was in the mood to write, versus just making myself scribble down some stuff here and there.

(Also, after fixing the formulas on my March spreadsheet, I found that I actually wrote 8k in March, which is even better than I thought for 60% of the month being a wash!)

Yesterday I added 1,340 words to my fandom5k story, so it's reached the halfway point. \o/

Today I discovered the Carter/Richards fanlore page links to my accidental marriage fic, which might explain why people still read it. (The things that are/aren't on Fanlore are wild, imho.)
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Fic stats for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 'Self-expressive', that's new.

Very slowly nudging projects towards their randomly-decided monthly word count goals: This is going okay. I do have to actually write 750+/day until next Friday at least, so that I can first) beat my previous streak of 25 days, second) win the February challenge, and third) get the badge for writing 30 days in a row. I might bring the college professors + the supernatural novel into play for March and spend some words rewriting what I have of it. The weird Mars novel I've been randomly adding twenty words to here and there this month has no sort of plot yet but I did put a posterboard for planning up on my hallway wall.

I'm enjoying a day where I have no essential reason to leave my house - I have done a little cleaning, a little laundry, some writing, a little reading, and some snacking so far. I also put up the Mercer Mayer print I got from Etsy a few weeks ago. Goopy is currently camped out on my bed, annoyed that I will not join him, but the blankets are all in the dryer. Meanwhile, Eyeless is next to me on the sofa in Weekend Mode - sometimes during the week I hardly see her but then on the weekends she likes to snuggle.

Condo association sent a letter saying we all have to pay $300 for some work on our thirty year-old buildings. I know that's not bad compared to some other assessments I've heard other complexes getting nailed with, but ugh it's still $300. On the other hand, my balance with the electric company was so far in the positive that I didn't have a bill for two months so I guess that evens things a little. (I'm on the budget plan where you pay the same thing for six months and then it's recalculated. Alas, winter electricity has now caught up with me so it's going up $25 for the next round but if this summer is like last summer it will then drop again.)

Ah, Goopy has appeared to yell at me. Sorry buddy, the blankets aren't dry yet!
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Discussion with Goopy-cat yesterday morning:

me: I know the alarm is going off but it will shut up in one minute and I am just going to stay here for a tiny bit longer
Goopy: *touches my shoulder* hooman your alarm
me: I know
Goopy: hooman are you okay
me: ssssh, the bed is nice and warm
Goopy: *puts paw on face so I will turn over* hooman you must go to work

Then I turned over and hugged him so he was happy before I got up - usually I am always getting yelled at to come back to bed so him being concerned that I wasn't getting up was extra cute.

Here are some of my terrible AHL children eating frozen custard. (The nice ones, not the actual terrible ones who are all UFA after this season so I am hoping they will leave and never return.)

Fic stats for Monday and fic stats for yesterday: Yesterday really doesn't count since it was 90% editing what I did on Monday (remember when I said if I was writing Ads fic this season it would be about Freddy? it's that, but it may remain unfinished forever, we'll see).

Word counts check-in for the last week: Pretty good. I have written way more of the Wallander story than I told myself I needed to - there's a "goals" column that's not in the picture where I just guessed at the word counts I could get all my projects to by the end of February and my goal for that fic was only to write a 100-word beginning - and it's not at all the sort of story I started out wanting to do when I added it to my "write someday!" list (in 2012 [?!?!] when I wrote the other Wallander story), so I need to do some re-planning. (I have said this about four times now, this weekend I definitely have to sit down with the show and decide for real where this story fits in.)

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Yesterday's fic stats, surprisingly more concerned with religion than I noticed while adding to the 'salem's Lot story.

Mike Richards lives!, because Hockey Day in Canada is in Kenora this year. I hope he's actually playing in the alumni game because that would just be sad that he didn't get invited to the rec center on the street that's named after him.

I wrote a thousand words before 10:30 this morning, but I also got to work at 5. (There was a point where I went to K's office and said very dramatically, "K, it's only ten o'clock in the morning.") Tomorrow we're making tacos for K's birthday so that will break up the day a little more but twelve hour shifts are not my favorite thing. Except for how I have time to write 1k before noon. I can live with that.

Today in things making me teary-eyed and that there should be movies about: Ida Lewis and Kate Walker, both lighthouse keepers. (Um, I might be researching lighthouse-keeping for the Hannibal story I am halfheartedly working on.)

3rd shift is back March 1st!!!!!!!! I immediately put in a time off request for the first two days of Spring Break. STAYCATION FOR MEEBS.
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Second word-count check in for February! The Texas Killing Fields story dropped majorly in number because I'm re-writing what I have to be from JDM's character's point of view and I'm not caught up yet. But according to, I have written eleven thousand words so far this month (some of those were planning notes, though). Not bad at all.

Yesterday's stats - I think the bit I wrote of the original project influenced things heavily; the characters in one section are talking about death and the characters in another section are unearthing a skeleton.

There's a Gotham prequel tie-in novel that I picked up in the Kindle edition hoping it would have the Alfred backstory I need to write this platonic name-on-wrist story, and it does! However, it apparently got completely jossed by the third season of the show (according to the internet), so all the Pinewood stuff it talks about is no longer correct. The writing is also TERRIBLE. But that's fine, because I only needed to be able to search it to look for Alfred details. Still have to re-watch the first season of the show before I go much further in the story, but there was enough in the book to allow me to write the beginning. \o/

My new 'salem's Lot story has gotten very weird very fast. #onbrand
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Still hanging in there for the 750words challenge. The last couple days haven't been the greatest inspiration-wise, so I finally took that "stop what you're doing and add one line to your works in progress" tumblr post to heart and have been rotating through my twenty (WHY DO I HAVE TWENTY?) projects in order and adding at least one line/paragraph to each. Some have only gotten a single sentence, but others have gotten a hundred words or so. Today I added to seven of them to get to 750. By noon! I guess my check-in for February is going to be that I worked on ALL of my wips! Here is how the site categorizes my writing for today, which is correct and true for probably most of my writing days, haha.

New comment on one of my hockey stories: "Mike Richards should always have nice things"
Me: *SOBS*
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westward the ocean - 'salem's Lot, mostly gen unless you want to read more into it, mostly missing scenes from the prologue.

Annual writing goals update: up to 3/5 different fandoms and 17870/50000 words. Not bad for only the 3rd of February!

On my last ridiculous workday for this week and I'm supposed to go to an Admirals game tonight - it starts at seven and I'm afraid I will have totally passed out asleep by then. I guess if I can get in a decent nap after work and not feel super groggy, I'll go. I just wish it wasn't so freakin' cold out. WHY WINTER WHY.
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