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Final GK story from last week, the time-travel bedsharing Nate/Brad: please wait here, your future self will meet you shortly

Saw my neurologist on Monday, and he was his usual entitled white dude self, ugh. I was a grown-up and confessed the last two weeks' back spasms and he said they're probably spinal nerves having drama about being less compressed than they'd been for the last however many years, and he put me on tizanidine (finally, after offering me the option before I had surgery [which I declined], but my hyper reflexia hasn't improved) and then I was grumpy all day about the whole thing. Took one around 7 the first night to see how it would make me feel - tired, mostly, and I went to bed really early. Yesterday morning and this morning I felt like I'd been run over when I woke up. If this is a side effect, I disapprove. But I think my back feels a little better today so far - we'll see how long the better feeling lasts.

Yuletide aaaaah: I did my nominations, and someone on one of the comms was also nominating Northern Exposure so we could get eight separate characters in. I'm not entirely sure I want to offer NX, but I change my mind on that almost daily.

Checking the nominations spreadsheet, looks like other folks got in Atomic Blonde and Baby Driver so far. I feel like Atomic Blonde comes out on DVD too late for it to be something I'd feel okay offering, but I did put it on my "things to maybe write for random treats if there's time" list.
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Intrigued by the way hit counts are shaking out so far for the new GK stuff - really didn't expect the random alternate scene I wrote for the soulbonding to be sitting second in hits so far? Is it just because it's Nate/Brad? And no one has asked about the father of Brad's baby, but maybe that question will come with time.

"if this was a real emergency, you would have more information" (implied Nate/Brad, implied future Nate/Brad/Ray, apocalypse AU)
forest for the trees (Brad/Ray, marriage of convenience/solar eclipse weirdness)
get ink, shed tears (Nate/Brad, soulbonding series alternate scene)
He said the body is a machine / and he may well be right (Ray/OFC, Brad, mpreg/kid-fic)
Delphi, on the south-west slope of Parnassus (Nate/Mike, space AU, major character injury)

One more tomorrow!

Yuletide nominations are open, and while I'm certain I want to nominate The Way Way Back again this year, I'm still waffling on a few other things. I think possibly Northern Exposure and either The Birds or The Avengers (Steed & Mrs. Peel). I might write the Avengers story I want to read myself, but I'll probably never write the one for The Birds, so maybe I should go with that.
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Joining the crowd posting Yuletide reveals here: Under my usual Yuletide pseud of Addison R., I wrote Films About Ghosts. It's an epilogue to Last Night, which is a 2010 drama starring Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, Eva Mendes, and the French guy who is Marion Cotillard's partner (his name is Guillaume Canet and he's lovely). And yes, the title is a line from a Counting Crows song. I felt a little ridiculous for that, but the song really worked for this story (in my head).

[ profile] vinylroad and I were actually matched on Stop-Loss, and the other two fandoms were also things I could have written. This was the first year I'd ever had so much choice in what I could write, and did watch both The Debt and Terminator: Salvation before deciding for sure that the Last Night story was what I wanted to write. I'm a little convinced that [ profile] vinylroad's intention was to make their author into a Sam Worthington fangirl, and honestly, it wasn't a hard job. I do enjoy his face quite a bit.

I received An afterglow for you by [ profile] sabrina_il, which is a series of Hanna vignettes about the women in Erik Heller's life. Which is all yay, because 1) Erik Heller! and 2) lady characters!. I was very pleased with it, especially because most Hanna fic is Hanna/Sophie and while I love the femslash, I really wanted to read something about Erik. [ profile] sabrina_il mentioned on her LJ that Erik's backstory in the movie is actually a huge freaking mess, so that makes me appreciate the story she wrote me even more. And now I need to watch the movie a thousand times so I can write my own fic. (Add that to my to-do list, right?)

Yuletide 2011: Success! \o/


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