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I have entirely too many Good Will Hunting stories, somehow? And I don't know enough about the construction business to figure out what path Chuckie takes, especially in the one set about fifteen years after the end of the movie. This is going to end with me having to read a book about construction company management for a Chuckie/Morgan story no one will read, sigh.

I probably have too many "no one will read these" stories in general, but oh well. If I don't have an actual fandom right now then I'm going to write all this bizarre stuff that's been on my to-do list for forever.

My dad didn't believe I know all the words to Jenny Lewis' "Rabbit Fur Coat", which means now I have to put my money where my mouth is and actually sing the whole thing in my terrible singing voice some day when he's got his guitar out. So I got my mandolin out - I have failed at practicing for months mostly because I didn't want my neighbors to hear my struggles through the open windows but it's definitely winter now so I have no excuse - and looked up the guitar tab. Ta-da, it's only four chords and it's chords I can play! I am just not good at all with the strumming stuff.

It's winter semester at Pside and today was possibly the most boring so far. Tomorrow I will have to find work things to do.


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