Feb. 1st, 2017

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January writing check in: added to six projects, +6181 words total written. This included finishing and posting two of my twenty-four works in progress. (I forgot about the two I finished and thought, "I only wrote like 1500 words this month? That seems really low even if I haven't been pushing myself," then remembered I needed to count two of the crossed-off things on my spreadsheet.)

I signed up for 750words.com's monthly challenge to write 750 words/day for all of February. Naturally, it's the first week of school AND 3rd shift has gone on medical leave so I'm working ten hours today, twelve hours tomorrow, and ten hours on Friday!! So I'm not going to be surprised if I drop out of this challenge basically right away. :-/

On the other hand, I have sort of started February out on the right foot by writing the opening paragraph of the 'salem's Lot thing that's been on my list for a year.

February writing goals: work on 007 story, TFA story, GWH stories, and this SL thing for sure, and mess with other projects as inspired. Figure out more of what's happening in the Hannibal story.

(I'm annoyed right now because I can understand if it's a medical emergency and you need to be out, but this was something he could have scheduled to have done at the BEGINNING of winter break instead of the last week of it. Unless I am the only human who actually thinks of these things? I scheduled my brain surgery when I did so that I'd specifically be out over break when shifts could easily be covered. Our student workers can only work 25 hours a week or risk triggering the ACA rules, and there are absolutely no exceptions to this even in an emergency. Human Resources actually asked my boss why he couldn't just hire more students - uhhhh, by the time any new people are trained, 3rd shift will be back and we won't need them?)

Aaaaaaaanyway, I really don't mind working the extra hours since I'd like to pay off my remaining credit card debt this year and go on vacation.

ETA: I keep trying to get my hair to Swinton but I guess I'll need to straighten it or blow-dry it straight for that to work since it wants to swoop the other way. I don't dislike the cut but it's really not what I asked for. However, it'll probably only take about a month for it to grow into what I actually wanted, so *Chris Pine handwave dot gif*.


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