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Oh look, I still have this Jamie Bell icon from... a million years ago. (Undertow came out in 2004; close enough.) Anyway, as part of my preparatory Yuletide work I re-watched The Eagle because it's one of the fandoms I offered, and LOL I still can't believe how seriously that movie takes itself. It was hilarious at the time because that was when I still felt Channing Tatum was a joke being played on America, a stance I have since had to reconsider. But still why is Donald Sutherland in this movie!! Why is Mark Strong in this movie!!

Anyway, Yuletide assignments have since arrived and: HEY, a year where I could technically write all three of this person's requests? (and also, why do they only have three? but okay). Will I do this? I don't know yet, friends, but this year for Yuletide I am trying to keep things more moderate than last year's insanity. Also this year I'd like to write more than one treat story - I need to post about 15k still before the end of the year to make my writing goal, which I feel is doable. (Soon it will be "write fic for NaNoWriMo" time and I'll need words for that; I think my project list is in good enough shape.)

Tizanidine update: My neurologist was less Entitled White Man this visit, probably because I acted very "I need to leave and not sit here and chat" once we were done talking about the medication. He upped my dose, and I'm really hoping it works because I don't want to have to go to the next thing. Today I actually feel A LOT better, after yesterday just being horrible - I'm wondering if part of it wasn't due to the weather changing - to the point of my dad mentioning how bad I looked when I picked up my sister to go to the Admirals ticket pickup shindig with me. I took some Aleve after that, which helped with the pain more than taking Advil or Tylenol has done so far. Ugh, I am so over feeling chronically yucky! Do not recommend.
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*scream*, Yuletide! Honestly one of my favorite parts of the year. My letter is here, for anyone interested in reading it - I know there's probably no reason to keep using that pseud for YT since this one's now well-established, but since all my Yuletide things since 2008 are there so I suppose I might as well. And it's not like you can't get to my other pseuds from the Addison AO3 page.

I have my "things I might want to write" list pretty well organized, and mostly sorted into "things I would be really excited to write for a main story" and "things I will probably just think about writing as treats depending on letters". Last year I felt like reading letters before signing up was semi-cheating, but everyone's definitely doing it this year as evidenced by there being 50+ letters advertised in the comms even as I write this, several days before signups even start.

I feel it's unlikely that I write another 20k story this year but never say never.

Content warning: death @ work. )

Tizanidine update: Back spasms aren't as bad, but they haven't stopped completely. I won't know about the reflex thing until I go back on the 11th. The side effect where it was making me not feel hungry has gotten slightly better, but I think mostly because I can just tell when I need to eat something. At least food tastes better than it did when I really could not tell if I was hungry. (I think? There's a chance some of the spicy things I've ordered have been spicier than they taste to me, but could be that the people I've shared them with - MCW and my sister - have been wimps about spice.) Laura and I went for Thai last night because our dad was out with his lady-friend, and the dish I got was ground chicken stir-fried with veggies in a spicy sauce. It was very good and I'm pleased to have leftovers.

All right, time to stop refreshing the YT letters post and actually work on my Nice Guys story, because it really, really needs to get done. This might call for another g&t.
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Week 1 on tizanidine: Went from completely knocking me out/making me groggy the next day, to just feeling a bit weird for a few seconds when it kicks in/feeling like normal the next day. Which is good, but I did kind of enjoy being able to go to bed and actually fall asleep without it taking as long as usual. Yesterday I didn't have any back spasms at all, \o/, but today there were a few - not as bad as it's been, at least.


Today I bought a sweater with bees on it. BEES. I also found a t-shirt with CRANES on it on clearance. (Me, shopping: "Are there bugs or birds on it? I love it.") I went looking for a winter coat, but everything is either puffy or has a fur-edged hood and I'm not into either of those things. Maybe this year I'll give my giant wool coat another go - it just feels so fancy to wear as a just-going-to-work coat. Plus it's very heavy.

I've been browsing Girls of a Certain Age at night before bed; it's a fashion blog for women who aren't in their twenties, and I had to laugh at seeing an older entry linking to an article about the movie Soderbergh shot on his iPhone (I think with Claire Foy?). I never did make it to Logan Lucky but looking at IMDb it's still somehow at the theater in Kenosha and there's an afternoon showing on Tuesday, so I guess if I'm going to get there, that's probably my last option. (Younger me: "I no longer live with my parents! I can go to the movies whenever I want!" Current me: "I am an old person who puts their pajamas on at 5pm.")
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Final GK story from last week, the time-travel bedsharing Nate/Brad: please wait here, your future self will meet you shortly

Saw my neurologist on Monday, and he was his usual entitled white dude self, ugh. I was a grown-up and confessed the last two weeks' back spasms and he said they're probably spinal nerves having drama about being less compressed than they'd been for the last however many years, and he put me on tizanidine (finally, after offering me the option before I had surgery [which I declined], but my hyper reflexia hasn't improved) and then I was grumpy all day about the whole thing. Took one around 7 the first night to see how it would make me feel - tired, mostly, and I went to bed really early. Yesterday morning and this morning I felt like I'd been run over when I woke up. If this is a side effect, I disapprove. But I think my back feels a little better today so far - we'll see how long the better feeling lasts.

Yuletide aaaaah: I did my nominations, and someone on one of the comms was also nominating Northern Exposure so we could get eight separate characters in. I'm not entirely sure I want to offer NX, but I change my mind on that almost daily.

Checking the nominations spreadsheet, looks like other folks got in Atomic Blonde and Baby Driver so far. I feel like Atomic Blonde comes out on DVD too late for it to be something I'd feel okay offering, but I did put it on my "things to maybe write for random treats if there's time" list.
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Intrigued by the way hit counts are shaking out so far for the new GK stuff - really didn't expect the random alternate scene I wrote for the soulbonding to be sitting second in hits so far? Is it just because it's Nate/Brad? And no one has asked about the father of Brad's baby, but maybe that question will come with time.

"if this was a real emergency, you would have more information" (implied Nate/Brad, implied future Nate/Brad/Ray, apocalypse AU)
forest for the trees (Brad/Ray, marriage of convenience/solar eclipse weirdness)
get ink, shed tears (Nate/Brad, soulbonding series alternate scene)
He said the body is a machine / and he may well be right (Ray/OFC, Brad, mpreg/kid-fic)
Delphi, on the south-west slope of Parnassus (Nate/Mike, space AU, major character injury)

One more tomorrow!

Yuletide nominations are open, and while I'm certain I want to nominate The Way Way Back again this year, I'm still waffling on a few other things. I think possibly Northern Exposure and either The Birds or The Avengers (Steed & Mrs. Peel). I might write the Avengers story I want to read myself, but I'll probably never write the one for The Birds, so maybe I should go with that.
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While it's not busy at work and I have time to do a round-up post, here are my GKW stories so far:

forget what you came for (Nate/Brad/Ray, rated E for sexual situations): I actually wrote this BDSM story last, but posted it first. This could be read in the same universe as the sore spot but that's not a requirement.

Codes alone come to mind / In nuclear setups (Brad/other, rated Teen for language & suggestive situations): One of the Day 1 prompts was "5+1 Things", so I crowdsourced ideas on twitter, then wrote this instead. (That's basically my M.O. these days, let's not joke.) So there was this, five nightmares that Brad's had, and one nicer dream. Each of these was intentionally 250 words.

Huy to Saint-Quentin, 207 km (Nate+Ray, rated G): Less sadness for the "coffee shop AU" prompt, which is the kind of AU I enjoy entertaining myself thinking about but never actually finished one of before.

I feel that I have conned everyone with the threesome porn first, because almost everything else I have for the rest of the week is weird. Then I think "It gets a little strange after this," says the woman who posted threesome bondage porn for the first entry and laugh at myself.

I still haven't gotten to Logan Lucky, and I think tomorrow after work I'll probably feel too murderous to do anything but go home and down a bottle of wine, so maybe Thursday. Tonight is out because I want to make spaghetti so I have food for the rest of the week. Yes, I am at work - we all volunteered to work the holiday because if we didn't, none of the overtime we'll work the rest of the week would get paid at the overtime rate. So far it hasn't been busy over here (it's housing move-in) but I'm still dragging a little because I stayed up slightly later than I should have reading Inception fic, then thought about a sequel to the shark!Brad story for a while before actually falling asleep.

(There is no Inception gsf but I need it to exist, waaah.)
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Wednesday-Wednesday word count check-in: 8,484! Which puts me at 20,171 for August and narrowly edges out February for most words written in a month. (I wasn't even actually trying, unlike February. It just happened. Thanks, um, Brad Colbert?) Next week and the following I'm giving myself a break from trying to add to things during the beginning of school - by the end of a day of talking to people non-stop, my brain is basically fried.

Permit sales are in full swing, ugh, and along with it the barrage of phone calls from people who call us because we're the only place that answers the phone 24/7. This doesn't mean I know the answer to your non-police question!! Yesterday some dad was asking me how to look for something on his kid's tuition bill - that is a question for the Cashier's office and not for me? Come on.

Watched Robert Altman's Nashville with my dad last week - at first I didn't care much for the "this feels like there's just a random camera crew following all these random music people around" feeling, but once we figured out who everyone was in relation to one another, it really picked up. And the ending was 100% my jam. (Not the singer getting shot part specifically, but the ambiguous part!) Yesterday since my sister was on a trip with her friends we went out to dinner instead of the usual takeout and a movie, but I think the next thing on our list is M*A*S*H - I've seen a lot of the show but never the movie somehow.
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Upon finishing a rough draft for the final day of GK Week, I did some word count math and oof, no wonder my brain feels like mush - I'm just shy of 20k for August. Another 350 words of anything and I'll have passed my previous high count from February, when I did the challenge and wrote every day. And this month it wasn't even intentional besides the "oh, I could probably do that, I guess?" thought re: GK week.

I honestly never thought I would still be writing GK fic seven years on. And if you'd told me in 2006, which I think is when I read One Bullet Away, that a miniseries about the author would basically be my forever fandom? Actually the me of 2006 was writing Jarhead fic so I probably wouldn't have been entirely taken by surprise.

I colored for a bit after finishing the draft in an attempt to decompress, but that didn't help at all, then read an Alfred Bester short story, which helped a little. Watching Bob Ross is definitely not working (for once - usually I find it relaxing), so maybe I will read some more. Maybe an ASMR video? Ugh, I haven't felt like my brain is so much mashed potatoes in a long time.
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Wednesday-Wednesday writing check-in: 4,033 words. All of it is Generation Kill for the prompt fest - what I was working on for Day 5 got scrapped because I couldn't figure it out in the allotted time, so I just used the soulbond prompt to write an alternate scene for apres moi (a total cheat, really) and am working on a space AU for Day 6. There was a stretch in there where I didn't feel like doing anything at all and thought I really might not get to writing something for each day, but once I gave myself permission to do the alternate scene, I felt more in the writing mood.

Somehow I missed that there are Day 7 prompts. WHOOPS.

Today's Pressfield writing advice email is about writing scenes between all the characters (even if you don't use them all), which made me laugh - years and years ago (maybe in college? possibly even in high school but our internet connection was so slow then I can't imagine I would have downloaded any programs) I had a very simple text-based writing program where you'd list all your characters in a column of cells, then list them all again in a row of cells, and each intersecting box would expand into basically a Notepad document for you to write a scene containing those two characters. It was a very simple program and dead useful, and I still wish it existed.

Countdown to school starting: uuuuuuuugh. But on the other hand I am excited to start posting all these weird GK stories.
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Writing check-in (Wednesday-Wednesday): 5,210 words! Almost all of it weird GenKill stuff from prompts for the 'fest, but I'm pleased to say that I've written for four of the six days so far. This isn't what I expected to do this month - an unintentional GenKill renaissance, me? - but I'm enjoying it. I admit I'm a little less certain about what I have started for Day 5, mostly because of the logistics I'm going to have to figure out since it's not an AU, but we'll see. I also started Day 6 but it is 100% crack. :-D

[personal profile] anniejd11 and I are going to Vegas in January and we have now purchased all of our major items: hotel, flight, and tickets to the Golden Knights game. I haven't been to an NHL game in so long that the ticket price was total sticker shock, but I'm glad I looked and purchased this morning, because otherwise we'd be going to Vegas but not for the game, because tickets would be GONE. I did find a fairly decent airfare yesterday, at least. But we're all set to go, and we still have four months to pay off the credit card I put it all on before we even get on the plane.
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What's been happening since my last post? Let's see... well, not much. The problem with Dunkirk is that I vaguely want to write fic, but I overwhelmingly do not want to do the WW2 research, at least right now. So instead I read some niche pairing One Direction fic and called it a day: rec (SFW), rec (SFW), rec (NSFW), rec (probably NSFW), and rec (definitely NSFW).

Writing check-in for today. I wrote 2,444 in the past week, \o/. The end is now in sight for my The Nice Guys story - my goal for the month was to at minimum get it to 3k, which I sailed past yesterday once I finally maneuvered the characters into the right place to get it on, and I wrote the actual ending line so have only to finish the NSFW bit and it's done. Of course, I did that instead of watching Once a Thief, so Thursday I'll be getting caught up on that, and maybe Friday I'll go to Panera for dinner and write the rest of the NG story.

GOALS, I haz them, but IDK about motivation. (Actually, I'm excited to finish this fic and keep my Small Fandoms Summer rolling into Fall.)

Last week at work when we cleaned out an old storage closet, I claimed a bunch of investigation training materials from 70's, on the off-chance that I will write some sort of novel involving these ideas some day, and I just realized it might be useful for writing another The Nice Guys story eventually. Good job, past!me.

I slept so hard last night - presumably crashing after the stress of going to the dentist - that I didn't even hear my alarm and woke up ten minutes later than usual, but somehow made it to work exactly on time. My co-worker (who I'd warned I was running behind) was impressed. I have reached an age where I need to go to bed much earlier than I did in my (not wild, really boring) youth, and I'm annoyed at this but I'm still trying. So far this week I've got two nights of completely blowing past my bedtime and last night of getting to bed fifteen minutes early. Note to self: you can't stay up late just because you took a nap, or else you end up in a bad cycle of napping/staying up late/napping because of it.

Went to see Atomic Blonde over the weekend - did not realize Charlize's young German contact was Bill Skarsgaard until the end!! I always laugh when James McAvoy does his "they only cast me because I'm cheaper than Ewan McGregor" shtick, because he was great in that role.
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After seeing Dunkirk on Sunday I basically laid in bed instead of sleeping for the next two nights and thought about it, so I went again yesterday since it was $5 Tuesday and I could see it in the fancy DolbyAtmos theater - which, I have to say, was not any better sound than at the Regal I saw it at in Illinois, huh. The overall sound is still amazing, though, and that sound team deserves all the awards. I do want to know if the metronome was part of Zimmer's score or a Nolan thing or what - for almost all of Tommy's parts there's a ticking in the background (that the music in other parts still kind of carries on) and when he falls asleep on the train almost at the end, it stops. The first time I didn't notice it until it stopped, but this time I paid attention to how often it was used (a lot) and it's very effective. I will say that it helped to read the screenplay before seeing it again - there was some dialogue I couldn't make out the first time.

Award for best acting with just your eyeballs: Too bad this doesn't exist so they can give it to Tom Hardy.

Then I emailed myself a couple hundred words of fic, but it's painfully bad. (My original thoughts for this idea involve way more work than I want to do so I'm just going to email myself the bits I want to exist and wave my hand in an "I don't care about you" manner at the rest of it and if it never sees the light of AO3, whatever.)

Yesterday there was a crew doing some mudjacking outside the PD so there were random shirtless dudes with jackhammers and hoses here for about forty-five minutes and basically my entire department stopped what we were doing and watched.

Once a Thief rewatch: The pilot movie is exactly as cheezy and ridiculous as I remembered it. I also couldn't believe I remembered so much of it BUT I did watch it a lot in college. According to Wayback Machine, the one fic I wrote was sometime before 2003, and also it's in first person. Why, past Molly, why?

Tonight, Vertigo with my dad. And I think tomorrow I might go see A Ghost Story, since it doesn't seem to be moving to any other theaters and the only Friday night showtime is at 9:45 at night - no thanks. Then I have Friday off from work! One last vacation day before School Insanity Begins.
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Dunkirk (the Christopher Nolan remix). )

We did not make it to Atomic Blonde but maybe next weekend. Also out next weekend is The Dark Tower, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I am excite.

My dad and I have been watching ~classic~ movies on Wednesday nights since hockey ended - so far we've done The Conversation (Coppola), The Parallax View (Pakula), the Gus van Sant color remake of Psycho (not a classic but my dad wanted to see it - this wasn't our best choice), and Hitchcock's Torn Curtain and The Birds. (We went to see Baby Driver the week my sister was at sleep-away camp.) Oh man, The Birds. Where is the rewrite where Mitch dies saving Cathy (why is there such a huge age difference between these siblings? I HAVE QUESTIONS, HITCH) and Melanie gets together with Annie? I need it. I might ask for this for Yuletide and if I don't get it, I would possibly write it myself.
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Complete P*rnathon 2017: Extended Editions - some are longer versions of what was turned in for the challenge, others are as-is. I got better about writing things that fit in the word count requirements as the weeks went on! It was nice to challenge myself to write something small instead of epic for once and I enjoyed the experience.

After like two weeks of exhaustion I finally realized that I'm probably low on B12, and started taking it again on Friday. I basically just need to remember I don't really eat enough meat to provide what I probably need, and take the supplement. Then after trying to address my tiredness I had a really hard time falling asleep Sunday night and last night. C'mon, body, get with it.

Wrapping up July's writing goals: I need to add 330 words to my TFA story, and 345 and 595 words to two separate Admirals stories that I still haven't completely given up on, to make all of my (very minimal for these projects) word count goals for July.

August goals: I'm giving myself a break for August since we're doing the Once a Thief rewatch and putting only a few things on my to-do list, plus I figure I'll probably end up writing some OaT fic. And speaking of 90's fandoms, yesterday I very desperately wanted to rewrite the first few episodes of The X-Files with either genderswapped Fox and Samantha, or trade their places (which I know has been done as a comic), but I don't have time for those shenanigans right now. (I had to eat my hamburger and take a nap!)

Have yet to finish Daredevil, mostly because I got distracted reading a bunch of Jo Nesbo novels because I wanted to know spoilers for The Snowman, the trailer for which was too scary for me to see the movie without knowing the killer in advance. But it's only the 25th! I still have a few days to finish S1 at least. I remain forever delighted that Elden Henson is even in this show. (Long-time pals will likely remember he was The Beef's co-worker/friend/fellow war reenactor in The Battle of Shaker Heights.)
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This August, [personal profile] rsadelle and I are finally going to power through that 90's fan favorite: Once a Thief. Both of us purchased the DVD set when it was released, watched a few episodes, and never finished. (I'm sure we got distracted by other, more contemporary things? Possibly this was something I planned on finishing while I was on medical leave but then I just watched all of Futurama and half of Arrow instead. Speaking of: I need to finish Arrow one of these days, too.) Anyway, if you'd like to join us in watching Ivan Sergei be confused, Sandrine Holt by annoyed, and Nick Lea be grumpy, here's a tumblr post with details and a sign-up link.

So far no one has signed up but us buuuuuuuuuuuuut I remain optimistic.

Currently I'm watching Daredevil (the show) because I keep thinking that I want to write Matt/Foggy one of these days (or Matt/Foggy/Karen!), so I need to wrap that up before this OaT extravaganza starts.

Went to see Spiderman: Homecoming yesterday and it was delightful. I remain baffled by how much Tom Holland (still?) looks like Jamie Bell.
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There's only one dude in the whole movie and it's Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman bathes him for like ten minutes and then they kill him? SIGN ME UP. The Beguiled. )

I also went to see Baby Driver with my dad last week. It was fun but not 97% RT score great? SPOILERS. )

I came in to work at 4AM this morning - I got to bed really early, but then woke up around eleven and couldn't fall back asleep, and just laid there watching Midsomer Murders for a while - so I'm really dragging AND there's some fire alarm testing happening so shit keeps beeping, ugh.

There's no Tour de France today so I might just go watch more Midsomer Murders.
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Exciting tales from adulthood: my dad and I went to the new Meijer yesterday and there were some intriguing-looking vegetarian items that I want to try - but it was freakin' 92 degrees here yesterday and he wanted to go to Panera to eat afterward, so neither one of us got anything that couldn't sit in the car for a bit. Then I went home and looked at pictures of pro cyclists hugging each other until it was past my bedtime.

I'm trying to decide if I want to see The Beguiled tonight after work, or go tomorrow morning. I'm leaning towards tomorrow morning since I have to shuffle my sleep schedule enough this weekend that it's not hell when I have to roll into work at 4AM this coming Monday. I think tonight I'm just going to make an Indian curry of some sort with rice, watch some stuff, try to write a bit, and (hopefully) go to bed early.

Writing check-in for July so far: Ehh, got a little bit done but not much. I did downsize my July list to things I felt were most likely to get some words, although the Admirals stories are all larger projects about dudes who are now gone, so I'm :( about that.
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The Mummy wasn't the world's best cinema but it was a fairly decent summer action movie, and deserves better than the TIED RATING on Rotten Tomatoes with the terrible new Transformers movie. (The consensus on RT is that it "lacks the campy fun of the franchise's most recent entries". IT'S NOT THE SAME FRANCHISE!!!) Anyway, spoilers for those who care. )
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The Wilco show I went to was amazing: Not only did I have a great seat just in general, but the two rows in front of me stayed in their seats for everything but the final encore, so when everyone else stood up for the first encore, there was absolutely nothing obstructing my view of the whole stage. Except Jeff blocking my view of Glenn, but I could live with that because they kept smiling at each other and I love them.

This show was the first time I saw most of Wilco. It was supposed to be a Minus 5 show, and I'd gotten into them via REM - it was one of Peter Buck's side projects, and their most recent release was a collaboration with Wilco, so I at least knew who Jeff Tweedy was, but somehow wasn't expecting nearly the entire band to be playing this show. I went with my IRL popslash friend, who was definitely a Wilco fan, and we were both like, "Is that - Jeff Tweedy?", and we were close enough that there was some awkward eye contact. (We went to a a lot of concerts during those years, things I would have never gone to alone, and I will always be grateful for her friendship.) Several months later, she showed me I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, an A+ beautiful documentary about the making of "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot", and that hooked me. I remember wanting to run right out and buy my own copy, but it was Thanksgiving and everything was closed.

Anyway, I hadn't seen Wilco since I did all the Residency shows in 2008, so nearly ten years. I am just Too Tired to deal with General Admission shows that aren't guaranteed to be a very small audience (so like, the last time I saw Empires in Milwaukee where we basically ate pizza the whole time), so my concert attendance the last few years has decreased dramatically. Alas! Now I want pizza.

Going to see The Mummy tonight with Upstairs Lady, since no one else I know wants to see it, and I want to see Russell Crowe get all evil and Sofia Boutella destroy shit. I might take a nap first though, since it's a 7:30 show and I usually put my pajamas on at like five in the afternoon in anticipation of doing nothing until I finally make myself go to bed. (Dear self: Maybe you should be an adult and try going to sleep earlier at night, you might be less of a zombie in the mornings.)

ETA recent fanfictions:
how the heart bends (GenKill, Nate/Brad, NSFW.)
On the Board (Ocean's 11, Danny/Rusty, NSFW.)


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