Feb. 14th, 2017

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Second word-count check in for February! The Texas Killing Fields story dropped majorly in number because I'm re-writing what I have to be from JDM's character's point of view and I'm not caught up yet. But according to 750words.com, I have written eleven thousand words so far this month (some of those were planning notes, though). Not bad at all.

Yesterday's stats - I think the bit I wrote of the original project influenced things heavily; the characters in one section are talking about death and the characters in another section are unearthing a skeleton.

There's a Gotham prequel tie-in novel that I picked up in the Kindle edition hoping it would have the Alfred backstory I need to write this platonic name-on-wrist story, and it does! However, it apparently got completely jossed by the third season of the show (according to the internet), so all the Pinewood stuff it talks about is no longer correct. The writing is also TERRIBLE. But that's fine, because I only needed to be able to search it to look for Alfred details. Still have to re-watch the first season of the show before I go much further in the story, but there was enough in the book to allow me to write the beginning. \o/

My new 'salem's Lot story has gotten very weird very fast. #onbrand


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