Mar. 3rd, 2017

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I have two Google alerts left for (former) hockey players (Mike Richards and Ryan Whitney, of course), and when this article showed up in the Whits one I thought, oh, it is probably just some old picture of Whits on some Edmonton opinion piece about Taylor Hall. No, it is Whits and Hallsy on a podcast and Ryan Whitney actually says words that are "It’s kind of like why I really fell in love with Hallsy" and please just leave me here on the floor. (I haven't listened to the actual podcast yet but I really don't need to get sucked back in to some sort of Ryan Whitney spiral.)

While at my dad's on Wednesday night he was like, "There's a Blackhawks game on tonight! Do you want to watch some of it with me?" and while I really didn't want to look at the Blackhawks at all, he was so excited about watching some hockey together that I stayed for the first period (v. the Penguins) so that I could secretly cheer for Justin Schultz. I did have to explain the whole P. Kane thing. :-( Also my dad for some reason was all up on the Patrick Eaves trade...?

While watching we were discussing political things and I ended up having to read my dad some crap on Timothy McVeigh because for some reason he thought the bomb did too much damage to be a bomb a dude could drive in with a truck. Nah, Dad, it was seven thousand tons of fertilizer, it's gonna really fuck shit up.

During the intermission before I left, he turned on NHL Tonight and they were talking about the Kings picking up Iginla to play with Kopitar. I might have sobbed, "I remember when they got Mike Richards to play with Kopitar!!" and basically fled out into the snowstorm.

P-side yesterday:
Risk management guy: I guess I'll go mingle with the public for an hour.
Me: But WHY?!!?

Fic stats for Wednesday, yesterday. YAY NEW BADGES. Yesterday I wrote about 500 words of something that might be part of my fic exchange story, but also might remain practice. I need to watch a bunch of movies before I really get moving on it.


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