Mar. 6th, 2017


Mar. 6th, 2017 07:09 am
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Let's be real here for a sec: It is possibly easier to write 007 fic when you're having a martini along with writing.

Rewatching Chicago on Saturday, I felt incredibly nostalgic for that 2002-2004 period where I really loved Catherine Zeta-Jones. SIGH. I really don't think any other actress today would get up to actually perform at the Oscars while eight months pregnant. And I still love that movie as much as I did when I first saw it in the theater (eesh, it's been almost fifteen years) - Hollywood, you might actually want to look at it now and realize it's 1) a cast made up predominantly of women, and 2) several of the roles are POC.

Tales from work:
KB: Molly would you proofread my report
Me: sure
KB: nooooo this is too much highlighter
Me: you spelled rifle with two fs
Me: more than once

Going to some ridiculous Admirals event tonight at a Boston Store (no, I don't get why it's at a Boston Store either) which I shall use as an excuse to shop and then eat dinner at Naf Naf Grill for the second day in a row. It's also that time of year again when I write terrible NSFW fic about my team; this time I posted it from the game on Saturday just to be Extra. don't count me out, better count me in (Gaudreau/Army). I like how one comment on it is someone saying they can't read it because they love Freddy, and another comment is just someone yelling about Army.

Well. I suppose I will shop tonight if my hip stops hurting. I'm going to be so mad if I have to buy a new mattress after only having this one for two years. It's not two-sided so I can't flip it and there's a Molly-sized dip in the middle that I just cannot handle. UGH MATTRESSES WHY.


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