Apr. 4th, 2017

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Since March turned out to be garbage, writing-wise, it's time to set a few goals for April: 1) Post at least one piece of fic, and that can be only my fandom5k story if that's all I finish. 2) Finish the rough draft of the Bond poly story (it's nearly done) and the rough draft of the Ads crossdressing threesome (it's also nearly done). That's it. That's all I have to accomplish. April's minimized goals spreadsheet looks like this.

I wrote a little over six thousand words in March, so had I not gotten sick, I would have managed a respectable monthly total. (And 6k total for the days I was fit to write is pretty good for me.) It's not worth beating myself up over but updating my check-in spreadsheet today for the first time in three weeks, I realized I haven't opened some of these stories in like six weeks, oops. I did sign up for Camp NaNo for April, but for only my fandom5k story.

Sunday's foundation class: Also a good time! I have to say it's a different atmosphere in Sephora when there are only about ten people in the place, and three or four store associates available to talk to. Not that I have ever had a shitty Sephora experience but the store is almost always flooded with people on the weekends, which makes it hard to ask more than thirty seconds' worth of questions. I ended up returning that perfume that faded immediately, and the gel highlighter since I will never use it enough for a large $44 bottle to really be worth it. Used some of my store credit on this face mist, but I think I'll hang on to what remains until the VIB sale that's apparently happening soon. Anyway, the class: I always feel like liquid foundations are too creamy on my weird skin but I ended up liking the Bobbi Brown I got matched with. Just not $50 liking it. I will stick with my current mix of a tinted moisturizer and a water-gel foundation. Did not care for the NARS pot concealer I tried, and will stick with my $5 NYX concealer.

January's haircut has finally grown out into what I wanted in the first place. "It's only hair, it grows back!" - Molly's motto since first grade when I let my BFF at the time cut off my bangs and my mom had to give me a pixie cut.

CELEBRITY SERVE TONIGHT. Pray for me that I don't trip in front of Adam Pardy, or turn ridiculously red when I have to talk to any of the players I've written fic about. (*cough* nine roster players *cough* but one is so long-term injury that I don't think he even lives here anymore) FOURTH WALL WHAT FOURTH WALL?


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