Apr. 7th, 2017

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more capable of anything (Jack Dougherty/Trevor Murphy/Vladislav Kamenev), aka threesome frottage with some very minor cross-dressing - YAY, I CAN WRITE AGAIN. Waiting for my brain to reboot back to writing-mode after being sick is the worst. Also, who are all the people who have read this already? WHO ARE YOU, MYSTERY READERS?

I'm up to 21k words posted so far for 2017, which puts me right on target with my adjusted overall 2017 goal of 60,000 words posted. \o/ Fandom5k story is moving along - slowly, but it's moving - I am at 20% complete and I hope to be at 50% by the end of the weekend. (It's not a fandom I've written in before so I'm a little apprehensive, but the kinks requested were right in my wheelhouse. Also, I'm doing it in past tense which I something I only do about once a year, so that's tripping me up just a bit as well.) I just had to look up the etymology of a word I don't think was used in the year this fandom takes place, so there's also a new-to-me research component to this. Here is the online etymology dictionary I'm using - quite helpful so far.

MCW: Can I share?
Me: Okay.
MCW: *puts his cold hands around the bare part of my arm*

Yesterday I mentally planned out a Choose Your Own Pornventure story in which Adam Pardy wasn't injured, he just woke up a woman, and the team puts up a sign-up sheet for volunteers to bang him back into being a dude. I LOVE TROPES. I will probably not write this but I have learned I can never say I'll never write something because then five minutes later I have 500 words of it.


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